Hey Hunties, because of my starring role in the off broadway show The Orion Experience, this summer I took a little break from writing. But now i am back in full effect and ready to keep you up to date on who and what is happening in NYC nightlife. This week I am spilling the Tee on a party that was “loads ” of fun, The Hustlaball NYC presented by Rentboy!

This year Hustlaball was (in Mr. Pam’s words) “a celebration of Cock.” Hundreds gathered at NYC’c newly relaunched Slake Nightclub to join in on the sextivities. And of course if there is cute booze and cheap boys I will be at the party.

Speaking of cheap, I was very happy at the price range of the cocktails at Slake, the space formally known as Rebel, providing cocktails that were shockingly less expensive than most mega clubs. I was there to down many a round with the hostest porn stars in the world. But enough about the cocktails, this party was more about cock and tails. This year the party featured more dark and priviate areas to celebrate sex than ever before. The experience was also made complete with a sling on the middle of the second floor dance floor which hosted tons of sexual adventures. But if that wasn’t enough “icing on your cake,” there were also personal massage tables set up where happy endings were gladly provided. And if that wasn’t enough to get you off you, could also get into the live shows from some of the most famous porn stars in the industry. My personal favorite to watch was Boomer Banks, because if this was made to be a celebration of cock, he has a big reason to party.

As in years past I spent most of my time hanging out in the VIP room. It was an extra hot seat where the boys were even hotter and the shows were even crazier. It was also nice to see some gogo boys whom I work with on the regular at my Saturday night party (Manster @ The Monster). My favorite gogo dancer was Wolfy Wolfang; we had a whole kiki in the VIP room to the beats of DJ Nita. I have never heard DJ Nita spin before, but holy shit did I live for the beats he dropped. It was such a legendary experience: great music, good booze, sexy boys and good company.

The good company of course came from Mr. Pam. Sex parties can often be a place where we let our dark fantasy run wild. But Mr. Pam’s light and joyful energy kept an exuerberant smile on my face, and while everyone got to live out their hidden desires, she was a constant reminder of the joy and beauty that sex is really about. My only regret was that I didn’t spend more time living it up with her. The moments where she grabbed the mic and hosted or twirled around the dance floor were by far some of my favorite moments of the evening.

I can’t wait for next year’s Hustlaball, but until then I can enjoy the gift bags we received as we left, which included fun movies, undies, toys and a Rent Boy calender with pictures by one of my favorite photographers, Wilson Models. I plan on using that calender to count down the days until next year’s event.

Sir Honey Davenport

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