Virgin Rose Blooms at Hustlaball

HUSTLABALL NEW YORK, the international phenomenon that brings together top DJs with live fetish acts, returns to New York City on Sunday , October 13, for its 15th anniversary extravaganza. Presented by in association with, this year’s stage show will feature some of the hottest names in porn including Austin Wolf, Boomer Banks, JP Duboi, Sam Barclay, Tyler Wolf, Levi Carter and Falcon Studios’ Man of the Year, Ryan Rose. Ryan is a Hustlaball virgin! We spoke to him to see if he was ready to get his Hustlaball cherry popped.

What are you most looking forward to at Hustlaball?
Having hot, sweaty, passionate, wild, hot, flip-flop sex.

So you plan to lose your Hustlaball virginity with a bang?
Oh yes. My first live sex show will be with Ethan Slade!

How long have you been a hustler?
I have always considered myself somewhat of a hustler.

What was Ryan Rose like in the early days?
I was always somewhat of an attention whore and the life of the party.

Where did the name Rose come from?
My name is derived from none other than the Chicago Bulls MVP Derrick Rose.

Like a rose, you’re pretty on the outside. Do you also have thorns that guys should look out for?
You nailed it! Every rose has its thorns.

What’s the best thing about being a hustler?
The lifestyle. Also, being part of an elite group of great guys is cool.

Would you date another hustler?
Who I date is determined by who they are and what they do, not a label.

Gay porn’s Jake Parker said you were the best sex he ever had. What makes you so good in bed?
I love doing what I do. It’s just that simple. Nothing more, nothing less.

The guys at Falcon called you the epitome of a Falcon Man and named you their Man of the Year for 2013. What was that like?
Being named Falcon’s Man of the Year was very unexpected. I was extremely flattered and honored, especially when I found out I’m one of only two people to ever get the honor.

With all this praise, are you impossible to live with these days?
From what my family and my exes say, I have always been a pain to live with.

Have you raised your escort rates?
No, my rates have not changed. Nor will they.

Are you cool with fans coming up to you at Hustlaball?
Yes I’m always more than willing to meet fans.

Can we get a kiss?
Yes, a social kiss on the cheek is acceptable.

Can we cop a feel?
No way, you’re going to have to book me for that one. Sorry guys.

HUSTLABALL NEW YORK takes place Sunday, October 13, at Slake Nightclub (51 West 30th Street).
Doors open at 11 p.m. VIP ADMISSION includes early 10 p.m. entrance, access to the exclusive VIP Lounge and roped-off viewing platform for the show, as well as free access to all pre-parties and events.

Tickets are available at

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