Eric Alán’s trajectory has been anything but uneventful. Growing up gay in a strict Jehovah’s Witness family, Alán had his fair share of turmoil from an early age. Condemned by his parents for his “sinful ways,” he turned to his aunt for solace and guidance. She proved to be his inspiration and who encouraged him to follow his heart and dreams.

That dream was music. With unbridled conviction, Alán strove to become independent at an early age. As a result, he would find his way in the world as he honed his craft. Barely of age, the turning point came one night, dancing on the speakers of a club. Inspired by Spanish pop/rock artists like Moenia, Elefante, Ricky Martin and Paulina Rubio, Eric recorded two songs in Spanish, which shortly thereafter led to performances in many festivals and nightclubs. Alán’s first song, “Carcel de Oro” was the beginning of what is turning out to be a very promising career.

Over time, Eric Alán made his crossover into the gay market. Since then, he has focused his attention on dance music, writing and collaborating with producers on all his tracks and videos. In 2011, he wrote, sang and released the electrifying “Pornstar” single. His latest single, “L.O.V. & E.,” dropped March 26.

Alán has gradually been building up his following, but as with any working boy, he has to pay the bills. To do so, you can count on Eric surprising us by taking a pretty unconventional job. Undoubtedly, from what we can see from his videos and hear in his songs, he brings a whole lot of sexy to his job as an offshore rig worker.


Get Out! Contributor

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