DJ-Producer Corey Craig Shows His Pride

BY Michael Cook & Centaur Music

DJ-Producer Corey Craig continues to redefine the sound of house music and electrify the club scene. He brings his award-winning signature mix of commercial, progressive dance and modern classics to a residency at  XL. He launched his floor-filling formula in NYC bars/clubs, grabbed the attention of FornabaioVoss Events and is now a global sensation from Sydney to Madrid.
Craig just finished his latest mix CD from Centaur titled “PARTY GROOVE: PRIDE 12.” The album is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and record stores across the country, especially GLBT stores.

Tell us about your new CD, “PRIDE 12.”
“PRIDE 12” marks my second mix in the series. I wanted it to tell the story about the pride we should have within ourselves. Imagine a relationship ending, your friends dragging you out to take your mind off the drama, and as the night continues, you realize that you will be fine. Your pride hasn’t been hurt, even if your heart has. LGBT relationships are just as emotional, relevant and complicated as our straight counterparts. This pride mix is about respecting all the elements of a relationship, romantic or otherwise, ending and realizing that we have the strength to continue, and maybe even find something better around the corner.

What is your favorite thing about being a DJ?
Creating an environment that allows people to just relax and have fun. I love watching and controlling the mood of a dance floor and making people realize it’s OK to let loose and live!

How did you get your start? 
While filming my audition video to DJ for Ellen DeGeneres, I met a ton of influential New Yorkers who agreed to be in my video. I gave each of them a copy of my newest CD, and they all loved it. Couple that with FOODBAR playing all my early work, and there you have it! Pier Dance 2009 cemented everything.

Tell us about one of your favorite moments from traveling around the world to DJ.
It is a tie between Purple Party, Dallas, where my whole family was in the DJ booth with me for the first time as I spun for my gay crowd, and Sydney Mardi Gras, Oxford Hotel, where the entire crowd was singing along and grabbing whomever was closest. We bonded!

What is the song to look out for this summer?
Noisettes’ “Winner” is on my fast track as a late summer anthem. But Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have A KiKi” is still on fire.

Who is your favorite artist and favorite remixer, and why?
Artist, right now I am feeling Emeli Sande. Her voice is amazing. Remixer, right now I am feeling Seamus Haji, and the new Freemasons stuff coming up is going to blow you guys away!

Any other new projects?
Reuniting with Saul Ruiz and creating hot remixes in the fall as R2C2. The new sound we are pursuing is a slick ‘90s house feel with updated instruments and melodies.

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