Dimitri Minucci

Dimitri Minucci is an NYC-based singer and performer and has been a part of the LGBT community here in New York for 20 years. In 2012 Minucci released his debut album “Now After All I’ve Done.” minucci’s follow-up to “After All I’ve Done” was “Project13 Part One,” which proved to be a true Pop/Dance album as well as night and day to his first album, which was organic in its production. Minucci promoted his second album in Spring 2014 including appearances at The Out Hotel, Griffin, Bartini and The Official Pridefest Stage for Pride NYC. Minucci was awarded the Performer of the Year award by Heritage of Pride in July for his performance at Pridefest 2014.

Pusse Couture is a New York City-based drag artist, performer and nightlife personality. In a city where drag queens are a dime a dozen, Pusse Couture has comfortably carved out her place as one of the reigning scene queens with a niche of her very own – the ultimate all-American party girl gone bad, with a bottle in her hand and pearls around her neck.

Of late, Minucci (also known as “P. Daddy D” or more recently “Father Fantasy”) and Pusse Couture have been seen together anywhere and everywhere that those in NYC go to be seen. Since she always seems to know exactly where to find him, we asked Pusse to sit down with “Father Fantasy” for a quick interview.

So this is your first interview post-album release of “Project13 Part One” in May this year. How did you spend your summer?
After releasing the album and promoting it during Pride here in NYC, I actually just wanted to enjoy the summer. At least that’s how it started off. Entertainment is everywhere, and I got to host quite a few parties on Fire Island and spent a lot of time out there. I made amazing connections with beautiful souls that have continued to flourish and reveal themselves. I also reminded myself what it felt like to relax!

What is next musically for you?
Right now I am working a track for The Haus of Fantasy, an original club track that will be an artist collaboration, and a mash up with one of my remixes of WhoWeAre – all with DJ Obra Primitiva. In 2015 it wouldn’t be too far off to expect a second release under the Project13 title.

Nightlife is talking a lot about Haus of Fantasy! How would you explain what HOF is all about?
To be honest, HOF was something that was conceived on Fire Island this summer. Initially it was an off-the-cuff-joke, but immediately we knew we had stumbled onto something important, something needed. Yes, we call it a Haus, but it’s because it’s a concept that the community identifies with. We are not trying to create an exclusive group, rather an all-inclusive group whose main objective is supporting each other in healthy celebration of life. After 20 years in NYC and a second go-round in nightlife, I’ve realized that all I ever wanted when I first came around was to belong, to fit in. HOF isn’t as much a Haus by true definition (i.e., I am not hosting a ball anytime soon), rather a collective of individuals who believe that we can be stronger united and supporting each other than we can be while we are disconnected and judgmental of one another. Growing up in the gay scene in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter, isn’t easy. We build defenses, harden, become bit jaded, and skeptical of human connections. We want to hold hands cross categories, cross “haus” and help each other be smarter, exhibit more self love and in turn be more successful. HOF’s tagline is “All Are Welcome,” because anyone can be a member of HOF if they want to approach life with of love, tolerance, compassion and honesty. Eventually I hope to start The HOF Foundation for LGBT youth and teens.

So some know you as a singer and songwriter, but we also know you as a member of NYC nightlife. So which is it? Are you a singer or a promoter?
Both, I guess! Honestly, it happened organically over the past few years. When I started promoting my music in nightlife, I wanted people to hear the music and get to know me in that capacity, because it’s my heart and soul. So, like many NYC performers, I did a lot of free shows. Without a following or a top ten single, finding a paid performance gig in NYC is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most parties budget for hosts or promoters, so I started working in that capacity and negotiating performances whenever appropriate. It also gave me a chance to better understand the audience and what they want to see. This fall hosting NSA at Cellar Bar on Thursdays as well as Gentlemen’s Club Haus on Sundays has been amazing experience, and I have truly enjoyed working with the biggest names in NYC nightlife.

So what exciting HOF news are we going to share?
Yes! I am producing my first event with #HOF at Cellar Bar on Thanksgiving Eve! The party is going to be a FANTASY! Dina Delicious and Pusse Couture are hosting, and I have DJ Rico Alexis and Obra Primitiva at the musical helm, if you will. It’s exciting to be planning and executing my first solo event in NYC nightlife in 20 years, and super rewarding because it’s with Haus of Fantasy.

Lastly, tell us all about who Father Fantasy is?
Father Fantasy is the guy that actively and publicly gives a shit – after 4 a.m. and the house lights come up. Father Fantasy cares enough to have really difficult conversations, the uncomfortable ones.  Someone has to teach the next-gen-gays to have the difficult conversations about sex, drugs, manogomy, etc. BEFORE engaging in the behavior. An example of real, honest dialogue is still needed. Not from the outside in, but from right there on the dance floor. Why should each generation repeat the same self-destructive patterns without helping each other move the mark and break the cycle?

Pusse Couture

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