Blue Bailey is like most gay men. He enjoys working out, going to the theatre and midnight horror movies. He feels just at home in a polo shirt and sneakers as he does in a pair of leather pants and boots. Where he differs from the rest of us is that his wild sexcapades can be viewed online (he’s a Naked Sword exclusive) or even brought to your bedroom…for a fee. Blue is a Rentboy, but not just any Rentboy. As the current Mr. Rentboy San Francisco, he’s an MVP all-star.  He’s featured as Mr. January in Rentboy’s 2015 Players calendar, on sale now at amazon.

What are you most thankful for this year?
Blue Bailey: This year has been pretty amazing for me. I’ve had many opportunities to travel and grow. I guess I am most thankful for getting into law school. To be honest, when I first applied, I feared rejection from every school. I got into my first choice university.  My next step is to work on transferring to NYU. I would like to establish myself professionally in New York.
Is this your first time in a calendar? 
Yes! I consider a few of the other men in the calendar my brothers, and I am very happy to featured alongside them.

You’re the first month of the year! Why do you think you were chosen as Mr. January?
To be honest, I really don’t know. I prefer the cold, so perhaps that’s why? Or maybe it’s the blue shorts?

The calendar celebrates the major league players of Rentboy.  How did you make a name for yourself in the escorting industry?
I placed in the Mr. San Francisco Rentboy contest two years ago. I wasn’t officially nominated then. A contestant dropped out last minute, and I filled in. I didn’t win, but I received runner up. Then last year, I was actually nominated to be in the contest, and surprisingly, I won! I guess that was the point when I realized that I could hold my own with the other guys.

What’s something you do that no other Rentboy does?
I swallow. Just kidding! I always hate answering that question because I think I’m a pretty average guy.

Are you bothered by the stigma that goes along with being a rentboy?
People assume escorts and porn models are all uneducated and forced or lured into being sex workers.  On the contrary, this can be quite empowering! I chose porn as a fun hobby.  It allows me to get paid for having sex with hot guys, and it’s a stepping stone toward achieve my goals. Being a sex worker was never a life-long career choice for me.

Do you enjoy the game?
The game is an interesting way to phrase escorting. I love to travel and explore new cities. That is definitely my favorite aspect of working in this industry. I also enjoy being someone’s companion.  I get pleasure from making someone happy.
What’s something guys might be surprised to learn about you?
That I actually enjoy topping.  So many of my porn scenes place me in a submissive role, and trust me, I’m not complaining, but it leads to the impression that it is all I do. Being dominant is something that I am exploring more and more in my personal life.

Should guys expect to be put on a waiting list when contacting you?
Maybe not a waiting list, but it definitely helps to book in advance. I’m in class six days a week, and my study time takes priority.

What’s next?
I’m finishing my first semester in law school.  When I obtain my license, I would like to specialize in entertainment law.  I hope to be a legal advocate for the kink community and persons living with HIV.

Rentboy’s Players 2015 calendar is $7.99 on Amazon.

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