Chris Cali – #IDGAF


Last week Chris Cali and team debuted the steamy music video for his new single “#IDGAF” to a packed crowd at G Lounge in NYC

The song #IDGAF is about being unabashedly and unapologetically sexual in 2016. Director Sailey Williams suggested they take a reference from D’Angelo’s “Untitled” video, one of the few videos that stood out by objectifying a man the way women are so often objectified.

It’s really important to me to always display gay male sexuality in my work, especially between men of color, so having my friend Rob in the video was the perfect addition. He’s gorgeous and I wanted to show a sexual and sensual connection between us. said Chris.

Expect new music and other eye-popping visuals from Mr. Chris Cali throughout 2016!

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