Electronic, power pop, rocker, Pat Campo released his new, dream inspired album, “Clouds In My Head”. This artist has created his own alter ego, in puppet form, in order to show that great works are not about the face, but rather about the artistry and sound.

The artist was named one of the Hot 100 unsigned artist of 2012, by  “Music Connection”. Campo has also created his own videos to accompany the release, such as the unique 360 music video, “Without Me”

Get Out was able to see what really goes on during Pat Campo’s musical dream related comparisons.
So what’s with the puppet alter ego?
It’s based on the idea that people don’t need to see what I look like in order to know what I’m about. I know it sounds kind of pretentious matter, but I really don’t mean it that way.  You can find out what I look like if you’re interested enough and do a search online, and that’s ok, but its not what I’m selling. I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that my words, music, and art are what I’m about, not my image.

Is it true that you write a lot of your songs from dream inspirations?
All the songs I’ve written in the past year has been inspired, if not just a straight rip off, from my dreams.  Not every song I dream about gets worked on. There are some songs I dream about which sound horrible, haha, and I won’t give them a second glance. But there are songs where I wake up to when I can’t stop humming the melody, or get teary eyed, or emotionally moved in some way. Those are the ones I make sure to work on. I dream of songs quite a bit.

Is there a theme message for “Clouds in my Head”.
Well, each song on the album has its own theme, message, etc.  But every song was quite a bit of work to write because of too many external factors. At the time of recording I started to feel unfocused and almost restricted because there were too many things going on around me. As opposed to having your head in the clouds, which means that you cant focus on the things around you because of daydreams, I called the album Clouds in my Head, meaning I have too many factors around me that don’t allow me to focus on my daydreams, which is my music and art. But I overcame that, and live happily ever after J

Do you have one song that stands out as one you are most proud of?
Oooo, that’s a hard one, since I treat and give each song equal time and care as possible. But if I had to pick one song it would have to be Self Destruction. That song was written at such a dark place and time in my life that it still surprises me how it came out at all. But I think the fact that it was so therapeutic to write and share with others makes me proud of it the most.

Are you planning a tour in support of the album?
Unfortunately not at this time, budget and time forbids me to do so at the moment. But that doesn’t mean I cant play shows locally in the Los Angles area.

Do you believe that singing and song writing was a chosen  destiny for you
Singing and song writing are the main loves of my life. Ive been song writing since I can remember. Even as a kid I recall writing songs on the recorder when I was taking lessons in the 1st grade. My song writing gets so personal where its difficult for people to understand because the subject matter and lyrics can be a little too personalized, if that makes sense.

Your video “Without Me”, is amazing. What were you thinking?
Hahaha. I really don’t know what I was thinking. All I know was that late December of last year I saw my first 360 video on youtube, and was like “I gotta do something with that!!!”

Any new projects on the horizon?
There are a few more video ideas that will probably come into fruition in the near future.  Probably another music video in the 360 format, but I don’t want to do it in the same fashion. I always try to out do myself in some way or other

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