Bar d’O 25 Year Anniversary

BY Sherry Vine

Bar d’O to Celebrate With Sherry Vine, Joey Arias and Raven O – December 16 at Indochine Restaurant


How did Bar d’O start?

Joey: Jean Marc approached me and told me he bought a little bar and wanted to do “something.” I went there with Raven; we looked at this little tiny bar and said, “Let’s do it!” Edwige was with us originally, and then very soon Sherry joined the team.

Exactly! In less than 10 minutes we said yes to him. Yes, we can and will do it.

Do you have a favorite memory or something that stands out in your mind?

Joey: Yes, one moment I’ll always remember. I pulled this guy on stage because it was his birthday and said, “If I could grant you one wish, what would it be?” And he said, “To have Liv Tyler sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.”
This was around the time “Lord of the Rings” had just come out. He didn’t know that she was sitting at the bar. I told him to close his eyes, and Liv came over and sang “Happy Birthday” in Elfin! He freaked out and was crying. I loved that kind of magic.

Raven: The show after 9/11. It was packed and just surreal. We did our usual shit—didn’t sensor, didn’t edit jokes, and it was a magical healing night of music, humor and love. Oh, and sex and blow jobs in the bathroom!


What are you looking forward to at the 25-year anniversary party?
Joey: Unity and love and exploration of the magic that we produced without thinking about it. Celebrating 25 years of magic!

Raven: Being with Joey and Sherry again. Edwige, Sade and Cashetta are gone, so this is very special.

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