All Hail the Empress

Novaczar by Jhade Benetiez

Novaczar from Queen of the Universe, the international drag-singing competition streaming now on Paramount Plus, is out now with her debut single, “Empress.”  The Broadway-pop crossover is a collaboration with producer Roman Molino Donn and is meant to be an introduction to the drag persona that is Novaczar, The Empress of the Galaxy.  “Empress’ is my war cry,” she explains.  “It is a cultivation of everything that I have worked for. A climax moment to show the world who I am and what I represent.”


Novaczar (“Nova” meaning “star” and “czar’, a reference to Russian royalty) is a siren, a witch, the fashionista from the capital of the Hunger Games.  Novaczar rules from planet Exotica and hops in her spaceship to fly to planet Earth to serve the children.   She is the creation of Noah Spiegel-Blum, a young drag artist who identifies as non-binary.

Novaczar by Jhade Benitez

Born in New Jersey and raised in Virginia Beach, Noah’s childhood was not a happy one. His mom passed away when he was in the 7th grade.  His dad (recently passed) was an alcoholic and Noah and his brother didn’t get along. All he had was his art. Luckily, when it came time for high school, he was accepted into the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA.   The boarding school offered Noah an escape from the stress of his home life and helped to shape him into the artist that he is today.

Through his art, Noah marries his love for musical theater with his inspiration of androgynous icons such as Leigh Bowery, Boy George and Klaus Nomi.  He is also inspired by the street art of Brooklyn to create looks that are never the same.   He prides himself on originality and conceptual pieces of art and fashion that push the boundaries of what is expected.

His most monumental work is that of Novaczar and her first music release is “Empress.”   The song has a driving bass with tom drums that carries listeners along through the uplifting piano and guitar-driven Broadway-pop hybrid.

Novaczar by Bryan Clavel

Its music video draws inspiration from Dorothy’s journey from Kansas to Oz.  It depicts Novaczar’s career journey and turns from black and white to color as she finds success.  “My hope is that ‘Empress’ allows listeners a little peek into my soul,” Novaczar continues.  “I want people to understand that I am a human being that wears her heart on her sleeve and I channel my love into my music.”



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