Caroline Reid, the comedian behind the beloved, brash flight attendant, Pam Ann, is stripping off her stewardess uniform this month and performing in her brand new, bare-all, stand up comedy show, TINDER, COKE, F#CK…REPEAT!

Taking place at NYC’s Triad Theatre, the show is more than hysterical: it is an open mouth gasp, laugh-so-hard-you-spit-your-drink-out look into the fast paced and drug-fueled life Reid has enjoyed — and not enjoyed — since relocating from London to Manhattan five years ago.

In TINDER, COKE, F#CK…REPEAT!, Reid invites audiences into her Manhattan apartment when she was a new-to-town, single gal, looking to mix and mingle with the city’s eligible bachelors.  She was expecting to live the Sex and the City life she had seen on TV, however, the NYC she encountered was not made up of the high-scale restaurants, glamorous martini lounges and fashionable downtown art shows frequented by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Hers was a different city with a new set of dating rules, where digital apps like Tinder ruled the singles scene. Reid finds love on her phone — multiple times — and it leads her into some dark, messy, and outrageously side-splitting sexual encounters that might have been hair-raising if she hadn’t have been so high at the time.

Reid admits she should not be alive today.  Statistically, she should be lying handcuffed under a Motel 6 bed, floating in the Hudson River, or detoxing in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, but somehow she’s alive and well and ready to divulge all her harrowing and ridiculous adventures.   “Old Blue Eyes wasn’t kidding when he said New York was  a tough town,” she reflects.  “This city’s a bitch and filled with psychos and I’m one of them.”

“People with ambition and drive are drawn to New York to find out how far they can go in life, work, and love,” Reid continues.  “This city encourages us to push the limits and that’s dangerous for someone like me who has always lived my life in extremes.   It can get a sweet, naive, daddy’s girl from Melbourne into a heap of trouble.  It certainly did for me and continues to do so even today.”

Caroline Reid is an Australian comedian-writer-producer.   In Australia, she starred on her own television talk show, The Pam Ann Show on FOXTEL.  She also hosted the National Live broadcast of Mardi Gras to an audience of 2 million.  She appeared in an advertising campaign for British Airways and was the face of Skyteam Sky Tips for London Heathrow Terminal 4.

Even celebrities can’t resist her nutty character.  As Pam Ann, Reid crewed Elton John’s private jet and opened for Cher’s UK tour. Madonna called Pam Ann “cruelly funny”.

Reid isn’t hanging up the stewardess uniform.  In fact, she will portray Pam Ann at three shows at Joe’s Pub later this holiday season.  But, for now, she is thrilled to take the stage as herself.  “I am so excited to just be me,” she proclaims.  “It’s going to be raw and it’s going to be real.”

Caroline Reid stars in TINDER, COKE, F#CK…REPEAT!, taking place Thursday, September 28th and Friday, September 29th at  New York City’s Triad Theatre (158 West 72nd St, 2nd Floor).  9pm doors, 9:30pm show.  $30 tickets available now at 212-279-4200 or online here

Pam Ann returns to NYC in her new show, MISS WORLDWIDE, Saturday Nov 11th, with additional shows on Friday Dec 1 and Saturday Dec 2.  $30 tickets available now at 212-967-7555 or 

Caroline Reid’s concert DVDs as Pam Ann, Come Fly With Me and Pam Ann Nonstop: Live from New York City, are available on

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