Nadya Suleman & Adam Barta Want to Meet You on the Dance Floor and Call Them – Maybe

Move over, divas. There’s a new hot pop duo in town, and it’s … Adam Barta and Octomom!?

The pair are about to make pop music history, releasing a new single this summer that already has the media going wild. Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) made history three years ago when she gave birth to the world’s first set of octuplets. She’s since then been on the cover of tons of magazines, a guest on shows like Oprah and The View and even just released a self-pleasure video for Wicked Entertainment called Octomom: Home Alone. And now, along with her duet partner Adam Barta, she’s embarking on the scariest but possibly most exciting journey yet – as a pop princess.

We spoke with Octomom herself, who told Get Out! exclusively: “[I’m] so excited to have the opportunity to work with such a talented recording artist [such as] Adam on this fun and thrilling single. Working with a Grammy-nominated and multiplatinum producer is a dream come true! I’m honored they would give me this chance. I hope the Get Out! readers will embrace it, because I love the gay community, especially in New York, and I love dancing.”

The idea began as a fluke, when Nadya made a cameo in Adam’s Q&A music video, saying a line, “Let’s do a duet on my new album!” Originally inspired by their manager Gina Rodriguez of the illustrious DD Entertainment, it was intended as a viral joke to help promote the video. Instead, the press went wild and started reporting that Nadya would be working on a new single. Immediately the duo and their manager realized this needed to happen.

Some of the media initially reported she was doing a cover of the Divynls’ “I Touch Myself,” which was not true (as hilarious as it sounds). As of the print date of this magazine, the song is called “Meet Me on the Dance Floor,” something Adam is no stranger to doing. Having his first Top 20 Billboard hit last year with Kathy Sledge (from Sister Sledge) for their single “Give Yourself Up,” his past music credits have included the sexiest music video of all time on Logo (for “Standing in the Rain”), one of the official fist-pumping beats of the Jersey Shore on Z100, and tons of TV placements for his music including shows like Real World, Bad Girls Club and The Real L Word on Showtime. His music is even heard at Abercrombie and Fitch stores throughout the country.

Adam told us, “I can’t wait to shoot this music video. I’m known for my over-the-top style, and this one will definitely deliver! Nadya is awesome. She’s such a sweet person. I think everyone will fall in love with this new musical side of her.”

But the question burning in everyone’s mind – can OCTOMOM really sing? The answer surprisingly is YES. She had studied music (the flute, to be exact) for years, and has a great knack for keeping pitch, according to her producers.

Mr. Mig (who has multi-platinum status and has produced for artists like Beyonce, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift) and the Grammy-nominated Mike Rizzo loved working with Nadya in the studio. She headed down to Audiomaxx studios in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to record their hit.

Says Mig: “We had a blast working with Adam and Nadya on this project. It is full of energy and personality, and we know that people are going to be pleasantly surprised as Nadya makes her singing debut. We are very excited to present this to the world.” The single itself is a cross between an LMFAO party vibe and Adam’s unique music style.

Want your own Octo-serenade? Want to score a gossip sesh’ with Adam? Well, thanks to the new service they are both part of, you can talk to them one-on-one over the phone! Dial a Star is the much-hyped service where you can call your favorite celebrities and chat – for a fee per minute. (Check the website for their digits.)

Many have already judged Nadya, either rooting for her or against her. At the end of the day, she’s a woman struggling to give the best possible life for her children. The media created a star, and she’s leveraging that star power in a positive way to bring joy to them. There ain’t nothing in the universe as powerful as a mama bear wanting to provide for her cubs. And with that, it’s time for the world to root for Nadya to succeed.

Make sure to download the song of summer on August 1, “Meet Me on the Dance Floor,” releasing on Global Groove Entertainment under Ingrooves/Universal. We guarantee it will keep you jumping. Check out “Octomom: Home Alone” at

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