In Billy Winn’s new song, “Crash,” he poses the question: What is one supposed to do when feelings develop for someone you know in your heart is the wrong person for you?  

Written and produced by Billy and Mark A. Barrie of the production team Madscience, it is the first single from the out artist since he parted ways with his record label two years ago.   The song tackles a conundrum faced by many millennials today who find themselves navigating their love lives at a time when casual hook-ups are as easy as picking up the phone.

“Today’s apps make it way too easy to get into the kind of situation I sing about in ‘Crash,’” says Billy from his DC-area home. “It’s hard to understand how anyone falls in love these days. And even worse, why they fall so quickly.”

Billy believes the reason most millennials today are staying single is to avoid the headache of a rollercoaster relationship.  His message to fans:  “Just because you have sex with a guy you meet on an app doesn’t make him your boyfriend, and it certainly doesn’t mean love.”     He explains more.

You really don’t use the hook-up apps?

Billy Winn:  I never made a conscious decision to forego the apps; it’s just not something I got into.  I came out as a teenager and I’ve been going to clubs ever since, so for me, meeting guys has always been an in-person kind of thing.  I guess that’s the real reason I don’t use the apps:  they make it difficult to know who you’re really meeting.  If the guy is being himself or making up an online persona.

Do you mind if the guy you’re casually dating is on them? 

Billy Winn:  Honestly, I don’t care.  I’m not the type to start making demands and setting rules when I first meet a guy.  He’s free to do his thing as I am free to do mine.

What do you want out of a relationship?

Billy Winn:  I’m not even thinking about relationships because of where I am in my life and career.  At this point, it would be hard for me to maintain one.  I’m always on the road, performing.   I think most guys would get tired of me not being around.

You’re young. You might as well sow your wild oats.

Billy Winn:  Absolutely.  This is the time to learn what I like and dislike, what I’ll tolerate, and ride the ups and downs, the crashes and the burns.  Without ‘em, I’d have nothing to sing about. (Laughing) I wouldn’t have been able to write a song like “Crash,” that’s for sure.

What caused the split with your record label?

Billy Winn:  Ultimately, it was time.  I didn’t feel like my records were being promoted as they should have been and so it was time for me to explore other options.

Do you harbor bad feelings for them and/or the music industry?

Billy Winn:  A situation like what I went through can sour things permanently, and for a while I was very upset with how it all went down.  But I’ve turned it into a learning experience.  Now I see it was merely a stepping stone for me, another story to add to my journey.

How will you make it in music on your own?

Billy Winn:  As an indie artist, I have the freedom to do what I want to do, especially creativity.  So I think my strategy will be to stay in touch and engaged with my fans, to write songs that I know they want to hear, that they can relate to, and deliver work that keeps them coming back.

Billy Winn’s “Crash” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms. For more information, visit or follow him on Facebook.