Tell us about your new album.
It’s a dance-pop/rock record produced by Tori Amos’ string arranger John Philip Shenale (Billy Idol, Jane’s Addiction, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross). Thematically, it’s about unifying the different sides of yourself.  For years I felt divided within my own being. I had to ostracize the sexual “me” from the upstanding, respectable “me,” and from the spiritual “me.” This is a merging of the physical and the metaphysical, the intellectual and the emotional, the melancholic side with the sanguine side, the phlegmatic side with the choleric side, etc. It’s about feeling whole.

Any tracks you think would resonate with the LGBT community?
Yes, “High in Heaven”, which is a tribute to the NYC club scene, from Warhola to 54 to the Club Kids to the present.  The song is a proverbial dance floor where uniqueness and individuality are celebrated, but where pretension, favoritism and elitism are not condoned.  In the bridge, we sampled two guys having sex and quantized the results to the pulse of the track. It’s kind of me saying, “Look, I’m into dudes , deal with it.”  I think there are more important things in the world for people to be bothered about than the fact that I like nuts.

There’s also a ballad called “Home Is Where…”, which was written for a Charlie David film called “Miss Mafia.” It’s dedicated to my uncle, but also makes a general statement about coming out, about being accepted for however nature created you to be.

Any promo or upcoming appearances?
There are videos for all 11 songs, most of which were shot on Atlantis’ 2014 Baltic Cruise, so please stay tuned for them on YouTube! My boyfriend Tim and I are moving to NYC this year, so we’re looking forward to some club performances, and to hitting the Pride circuit.

I also just had the great fortune of reprising my role as hustler Ben in season two of Thom Fitzgerald’s “Sex & Violence” for OUTtv in Canada, starring Olympia Dukakis. Season 1 is available on iTunes.

Anything else to add?
Hit me up online guys, I’d love to meet you in cyberspace!


ZWERG “Dual Citizen” available at iTunes and CDBaby!