Frankie C goes One on One with Louie G and gets the info on the Ying to His Yang…

How did you get started in nightlife?
My father had always spoken about working in nightlife back in the day. He mentioned of his DJing career at places like the Crisco Disco and the like. It always was of interest to me, because I knew nightlife was a nice escape. About 10 years ago, I started hosting teen parties at what was then Club Exit & Avalon (formerly Limelight), drawing many of my school mates on a weekly basis. Then I realized that maybe the straight scene wasn’t the right direction for me, considering I had came out a few years prior. Luckily, both my mother and father accepted me. Mom let me out because she trusted me, so I started by hosting events such as Mr. Black and Thursdays at Rush, which introduced me to some of the best avant-garde times I’ve spent in nightlife. The thrill of wearing something that people wanted to know about and wanted to photograph was fun. Then I moved up to Midtown to my home for the last eight years, Escuelita, where I became the show director and watched some of the most amazing talents.

Have your goals changed throughout the years?
As per my last interview, I mentioned that I wanted to start my own management company. I am still in the process of making that happen, because I want it to be done right. I have taken a change in route when it comes to what my aspirations are. My undying interest in pageantry caused the bug to finally bite me, causing me to finally compete in my first pageant this past fall.
Yes, I understand that you are a title holder in the Continental Pageant World. What is the title, and where has it taken you in your life?
Correct. Last August, I was sashed as the first Mr. New Jersey Continental. It was a dream for me that came true way too quickly. I decided to compete for the national pageant with only one month to get ready. My manager and confidant, Kriss Mapp, advised me against it, but I refused to let the dream go. I had been talking about creating the character Cicero Applegate about four years prior, telling myself that I was going to compete, and never did. I jumped out the window and took to the stage. It was something I knew that would be exhilarating and exciting, and it was. Don’t think for one second there wasn’t chaos. Three categories worth of clothing got locked in my office for two days before I left to the pageant, causing extreme chaos between my manager and I. I almost didn’t make the pageant. Luckily, we were able to figure it out, and I was able to compete flawlessly, minus some technical difficulties during talent that caused me not to be on my A game vocally. It proved to me that I was able to do it, but also that I’d not be going back without a stronger package, having placed 27 out of 28. It took balls.

What part of nightlife have you seen change the most?
I’ve noticed a huge change in nightlife over the last few years. The amount of people attending nightclubs and bars has been on a steady decline. Being a part of management for a club, I understand the reasons that so many of our sister clubs are closing left and right and being threatened to close their doors on a daily basis. We’ve lost so many of the major spaces in NYC, and they don’t give out the licensing they used to, so we probably won’t see many new ones in the near future. The 21 to 38 demographic that fuels our nightlife industry aren’t frequenting nightclubs like they used to, outside of special “on-occasion” events like circuit parties or huge DJs spinning. They complain about expensive cover, overpriced drinks, long lines and being pushed around in a crowded atmosphere. Another major problem is that now there are better ways to discover new music, such as music streaming sites, versus back in the days when they used to have to frequent clubs to discover the newest hits and to find out what was worth listening to.

What projects are you working on? What parties and venues are you working with?
Currently XL five nights a week. We’re there Thursday to Monday with a variety of nights, from hip hop to Latino to vogue. You can check out all the fun stuff at allweekevents.com.

What is your involvement with GMHC? How long have you been part of The Imperial Court?
I work with GHMC on the annual Latex Ball and with The Imperial Court for the annual Night of a Thousand Gowns, two very exciting events that benefit the LGBT community. I also helped in creating a partnership between GMHC and ICNY to bridge the gap between the two organizations to be able to support each other’s events and to sponsor each other for these events. If you’re in town you shouldn’t miss either of them! (gmhc.org | icny.org)

For your 26th birthday bash you went with the Yin and Yang theme. Why?
The reason I chose Yin/Yang as my theme this year is because, after 25 years here, I’ve realized that there is a strong balance of good and evil in my life. There’s both shade and light that sometimes conflict with each other. In my personal experience, I feel that the two have always fought over me (hence the photoshoot), causing internal chaos. Whether it be work, friends, family, there’s always bright and dark times. I have survived a lot of the negative times and prospered with many positive times. Everyone deals with it, and I think it’s very relatable. I also wanted the opportunity to make people think about the conflicts inside of them and how to face them without breaking.

Frankie C

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