Photo & Interview by
Rick Stockwell @rickstockwell

Meet handsome and dreamy Brazilian Vitor Cavalcante, who works as a bartender and waiter at Barracuda Bar and at the popular Elmo Restaurant in Chelsea. I met this stunning and personable hottie when I asked him to model for me at a recent photo shoot. I was impressed with his comfort in front of the camera and his modeling skills. He’s a natural as a model and really heated up the session. He’s as nice as he is sexy, and that’s saying a lot! I recently got to know him a little better as we talked about his past and his dreams for the future.


Brazil seems like such an exotic and sexy country in which to live. What city are you from, and what was your life like growing up there?
I’m from Cristino Castro, Piauí, northeast of Brazil. I grew up in a small town where I had so many good times with my family, especially my cousins. I loved when the trees had fruits and I could climb them and eat fresh fruits and have organic food for free every day from my grandparents’ farm. I can say that my childhood in a small town gave me so many teachings that built the person that I am. I’m glad to have had a background with simplicity and family love.

What brought you to New York? How long have you lived here?
I came to New York to learn English and to have the experience to live in a different culture. I have lived here for one year and a half.

What is your life like living in New York? How is your life different here?
My life in New York is very different than in Brazil. It’s a new culture that includes new habits, new friendships, and the most difficult thing for a foreign person who has never spoken English is to learn a new language. Besides that, when you live a new life, you will have new dreams and consequently, new goals. Also, it’s not that easy to live far from my family and my friends.

Well, I have to say, you’re doing very well with your English. I’m very impressed with how well you speak after only a year and a half in this country. You must work very hard at your language school. Do you have hobbies? What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Yes, I love to fill my free time doing stuff that I like. I spend six days a week working out. I love to cook, especially baking, and I love to run.

What dreams do you have for your future? What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
Now that I’m living in New York, I have so many dreams. When you hear about the American Dream, you don’t know what it’s about when you don’t have such life experiences. I really want to live in some country of Europe for a few years, become a fluent English speaker and be able to have my family closer. I see my life in 10 years as very stable, enjoying all the learning I acquired during this time.