A new book, “Transgender Complete, A Virtual Handbook,” was described by Dr. Renee Richards, a transgender icon and modern transgender pioneer, as being a “comprehensive and erudite a discussion of all things ‘transgender’.”

The book is an important and complete resource for transgender people who are seeking: more information about themselves, their gender origins; how to maintain better relations with and come out to loved ones and employers, and more. Those who know a transgender person can learn the cause, why it is kept a secret, their biological imperative to express their other gender, and how to maintain a loving relationship.

Employers will learn why transgender employees are ideal employees and how effortless it is to integrate them into any organization.  Students and professionals in psychotherapy and medicine will gain insight into the thoughts and lives of transgender people.

This handbook’s over 100,000 words also include: the transgender relationship to gay/lesbian, bisexual, and asexual people; original research; and over 180 quotations from transgender women and men that express their feelings regarding various issues.  The book addresses the social, medical, ethical, religious, political, and legal issues plus it covers every facet of life from children to senior citizens and from sports to immigration.

Winner of the Best Story Teller in 2012 at the Fresh Fruit Festival in New York City, the author, Joanne Borden, based this book on 4 years of full-time research and created a valuable reference book.  The quotations scattered throughout and style of writing help make this fact-packed book an easy read.

“Transgender Complete” is available from Amazon Kindle eBooks and Barnes & Noble Nook eBooks.