‘If I can turn around that shit day you’ve had then I’ve done my job’

was sitting at Cherry’s on fire Island when this very sexy, tall Queen came over to me and said, “Aren’t we gonna have shots?” I knew who she was by reputation, but I’d never actually met her before or seen her work the audience. AND BOY, WAS SHE FUNNY! I knew that she would be perfect for the GET OUt! AWARDS. I decided that an interview would certainly be more than appropriate for miss Tina Burner.

Why and when did you begin to do drag?
I have almost been doing drag for about five years, if you don’t count the endless time me and old housemates in Fire Island would run around the house with wigs and heels. I started drag because I missed performing. I grew up in musical theater and decided to create a character, and Tina Burner was born.

Who are your biggest drag influences?
I have such admiration for anyone who chooses this as a sole career. It is a difficult and sometimes lonely life, but the drag family in NYC is a great support system. Bianca Del Rio is a great influence because she has worked so hard for so many years, and it’s nice to see someone become successful that deserves it.

Where did you get your drag name from?
Tina Turner is my favorite performer of all time, and at the time I started doing drag some friends of mine were addicted to crystal meth, so Tina Burner was born.

What do you enjoy most about doing drag?
I love seeing people smile. If I can turn around that shit day you’ve had, then I’ve done my job.

What do you feel your best and worst traits are?
My humor is my best trait. My worst is being too much of a people pleaser and wanting to fix broken things that can’t be fixed.

Where do you see the future in drag taking you?
Hopefully to the next level. I wouldn’t mind going on “RPDR” showing everyone in NYC that I can actually turn it out when I want to!

What do you do unpainted?
Hang out with my dogs Shelby and Effie, watch Dateline NBC, go running and drink wine.

Favorite color?
Favorite color is blue.

Favorite cocktail?
Jack … in a glass.

Favorite celebrity, alive or dead?
Marilyn Monroe has always fascinated me.

Anything you would like to promote for yourself?
Mondays at The Ritz for THE BIANCA DEL RIO EXPERIENCE. Wednesdays with Delilah Brooks for BURNER & BROOKS at BARRACUDA. Thursdays at Barracuda as the host of NYC’s longest-running drag competition, STAR SEARCH.Saturdays and Sundays for ELECTRO BRUNCH at Intermezzo.

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