Stylist To The Stars Has a Passion for Fashion Eric ‘Estylz’ Santiago

Eric “Estylz” Santiago, stylist to the stars! His talent for styling invokes innovator, trendsetter, timeless and boldness. A graduate of New York City’s School of Music and Art, Eric Santiago began working as an assistant stylist under the tutelage of Roger McKenzie, Eric Archibald and the renown stylist and now shoe designer June Ambrose. the rest of his skills were self taught.

Since styling for just less than 8 years, Eric “Estylz” Santiago has a well-developed clientele listing, which includes VH1’s “Mob Wives” star Karen Gravano, Luis Antonio Ramos of ABC’s “Lucky Seven” and recording artist Bonnie Blanco.

Some call it luck; however, surely Estylz would like to call it hard work and dedication. But what Get Out! magazine want to know is how does a young and handsome stylist find clients to add to his resumé? We’re especially interested in knowing how he acquired a “Mob Wives” star and how was it to transform Fashion her from a well-known badass to boldly glamour girl? Estylz says, “I was at the right place at the right time when I met her media representative, Sibrena Fernandez from LaChic Media. We spoke about Karen’s image, and I devised an image proposal with Sibrena’s guidance. It helped that I worked with a few high-end designers that understood my direction and delivered designs to my showroom. Karen fit them like a glove and is wonderful and easy to work with.”

Another client of Estylz with whom Get Out! Magazine is extremely excited about is the diva and friend in our head, Miss Vanessa Williams, the actor, singer and former Miss America. Not believing any of the rumors about Miss Williams being difficult, I decided to ask him about her personality, and Santiago confirmed my suspicions, saying, “Vanessa was easy to work with. She and I are both Picses, and we just clicked!”

Santiago shared some style secrets with us. His secrets to her success are: “Always have double-sided tape and never wear a peep toe during the winter nor nuggets during the summer, because it ruins the outfit.” Those three tips are some of the best advice we could learn from Miss Vanessa Williams baby!

Eric Santiago has three favorite clients, and he shares why they are his favorites; “Karen Gravano represents loyalty, Vanessa Williams for believing in me and singer NEYO for inspiring me.” Keep an eye out for Eric “Estylz” Santiago as he expands his domain and ventures into designing and consulting on a collection coming soon. “Styling is my passion for fashion and it’s where I go to express my artistry within me, my ability to work with color, texture, design and most of all comfortability.”

You can catch Estylz at or on Instagram @estylz77 for a peek inside his world!

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