Stevie Boi

Elaborate gemstones, raging with color and creativity, opulent strands of metals and who can even imagine what else, can be found on the eyes of Lady Gaga, Elton John and Beyonce, just to name a few. And they are all the powerful, unrestricted designs of Stevie Boi.

Stevie began his designing career in 2007 and his eyewear in 2009 after leaving his job in the military. Boi landed a big break when his eyewear appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia. He currently lives in Baltimore, where he designs and sells his unisex eyewear on his website. He also has his own reality show, “All Eyes on Stevie.”

When did you first become interested in designing, and when did you actually begin designing?
I started creating eyewear in 2009. I just wanted to create something for myself that would show my personality.

Why eyewear?
At the time I was trying to be a musician. I found it best to dress and appear a little different from others just to gain attention.

How did you get involved with Lady Gaga and Elton John?
Networking. Meeting with stylists, makeup artists and other individuals led me down the road to meet great artist.

As a child you were a world traveler. Do you believe that has an influence on the way you create?
Yes. I think it’s extremely important for the youth to experience different cultures, etc. Living in Germany, London, Paris and Milan has influenced my designs, but more importantly my way of living.

So you were in the military. With all due respect, you don’t exactly have the military look. What did you do in the military?
I was a government contractor. I was required to test military weapons, etc.

What do you believe the future of fashion looks like?
I would hope that the future of fashion is in the individuals’ eyes and not in the eyes of conservative corporations. I think the future of fashion will continue to recycle and reuse the same formula it always has.

Tell us about your reality show.
My reality series is entitled “All Eyes on Stevie.” The show follows my journey creating my 2016 F/W collection entitled CR3AM. We also show me moving into acting and working under pressure for different celebrity clientele last minute, etc. The show airs on Dream Nation TV, January 19!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I would love to own my own chain of stores and move into home goods.

You are a new addition to a crayon box. What color are you?
Hmm, good question. I would want to be a mix between black and glitter. I’d love to leave a dark feel but with a trail of glitter behind.

What do you like about humanity?
The ability to help others. Helping others … get one step closer to their dreams is wonderful.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?
Grace Jones has always been #1 to me.

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and why?
Leigh Bowery. He was Alexander McQueen’s biggest inspiration, and he was the performance artist of his time.

What is the one thing you would like your followers to know about you?
That I am approachable. I love to speak to everyone. I guess I just have an intimidating look.

What’s coming up next for you?
I am working on my 2015 tour to showcase my collection CR3AM, and also acting in a few TV shows and movies that air in summer of 2015.

What is in store for you this February for fashion week?
I will be able to showcase my collection’CR3AM, attend many charity events and focus on networking with a new crowd. I am super excited to release some major collaboration projects I have been working on this past summer with two of the most iconic people in music and fashion!
I[email protected]
Twitter: @StevieB0i
Instagram: @SBshades


Photo by Michael antonio
Makeup by Darnells closet
Hair by Cherelle Renee

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