Sharon Needles’ RuPaulsively Haunted Weekend!

Every day is Halloween for everyone’s favorite drag ghoul, Sharon Needles. Who better to host NYC’s annual Night of the Living Drag party and her own brand-new haunted house attraction?

The frighteningly fun weekend begins Saturday, October 25, at Liberty Theater when drag zombies including Alaska Thunderfuck, Jujubee and Raven infest the former Broadway stage. Needles hosts with deadly beats by Mimi Imfurst.

The next night, the scream queens of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” return for Sharon Needles’ RuPaulsive Haunted Manor. Clubbers will roam dark corridors in the over 5,000-square-foot haunted house with special tableaus throughout, including Darienne Lake on a murderous rampage through a butcher shop, Courtney Act receiving a botched plastic surgery job and Ivy Winters being forced to juggle indefinitely by demented clowns. Sharon Needles explains the weekend.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?
I celebrate Halloween 365 days of year. I am the new and improved Elvira with an appetite for divine taste and gruesome fetish fantasies. If you want to see what I’ll be wearing, you’ll have to buy a f*cking ticket!

Have you always loved Halloween?  
To be honest, not really. It’s all a publicity stunt. Kidding! Yes! I love, love, love Halloween!

What is your most cherished trick-or-treating memory?
When my mom dressed me up as a magnet. You wonder why I am so twisted? My mother dressed me as f*cking magnet!

Did you have a favorite candy?
I love candy corns. Visually, they’re so appealing. But I don’t eat them. I eat children.

As a teen, did you ever egg a house?
Never! But I’ve played Ding Dong Ditch, where you ring the doorbell and run away. That’s what we do in Iowa.  Creepy, right?

Now that you’re grown, what is one frightful thing that still makes you pee your pants?
The sight of another drag queen.

Why is NYC the best place on earth to celebrate Halloween?
The city throws the wildest Halloween parade in the West Village. You can get mugged, stabbed and catch an STD all in the same night! Plus there’s a Ricky’s costume shop on every street corner.

Will you be part of the Haunted House attraction?  
Of course, I’m saving the best room for myself! Nurse Needles will make sure every one of my drag zombie co-hosts are comfy in their rooms with clean sheets, botox and used enemas. Everyone will need to sign a waiver upon entering. I’m not responsible for any missing body parts.

How will you make this year’s Halloween more thrilling than ever before?
I have no clue! I only know that if I can’t turn the Big Apple into the big pumpkin, I’m stepping down as Queen of Halloween. Merry Christmas!

Night of the Living Drag takes place Saturday, October 25, at 8 P.M. at Liberty Theater, 233 W 41st St. between 7th and 8th Ave. Sharon Needles’ RuPaulsive Haunted Manor, a haunted house attraction, takes place Sunday, October 26, at 9 P.M. at Blood Manor, 163 Varick Street. Tickets for Night of the Living Drag and Sharon Needles’ RuPaulsive Haunted Manor are available now at

Shane Gallagher

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