There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must stand up for something and establish his identity based on any number of values and morals. This coming of age occurs differently in each man and normally sets in motion those events that will shape his life.
But sometimes the universe blesses us with a special soul who decides morals are for suckers and values can one day be bought, thus they choose a path closer to nature and decide to take their clothes off for money instead, to the delight of those who encourage their pursuit of the divine by way of bukakke.

Whether you tend to lean toward the side of normalcy or secretly dream of one day selling your own azz for cash, a lap dance and some lousy conversation can brighten even your favorite Republican’s day. Enter Adonis Lounge: NYC, Vegas and LA’s #1 gay male strip club. This weekend marks five years of dancing, lap dancing and all things in between or far out in left field for the adventurous types.

NYC will never be the same after Saturday, October 25’s five-year anniversary. Ten headliners, including porn super star and Falcon Man of the Year Ryan Rose, Jimmy Z, stars Joey Van Damme and Xavier Muscle, international Latino heartthrob Rocky, porn stars Dean Coxx and Jaxton Wheeler, as well as many MORE special performers and guest hosts all land in NYC for one epic weekend of the classiest trash in town as only Adonis could pull off.

For more information and loads of pics, check out the official Adonis Lounge website at

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