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Every week, Scott Nevins appears on Bravo’s hot new show “The People’s Couch,” dishing up commentary and wit as he joins fellow couchmates and real-life friends, Blake McIver and Emerson Collins to watch popular shows from the week. It doesn’t get more meta than that, I suppose.

The show, inspired by Britain’s hit show “Gogglebox,” gives us an hour-long, weekly look at what happens when you watch different groups and families in their own homes and ask them to let loose with their opinions.

Nevins, an award-winning media personality, lifestyle expert and comedian, has never been shy to be on camera, nor to voice his opinion, but always with charm. He has hosted hundreds of live events, has performed his acclaimed solo shows to sold-out audiences across America, and has collected a series of interviews with celebrities that would rival a seasoned veteran twice his age.
We recently caught up with Scott to talk a little with him about this new show and what fans can expect.

Scott, how were you chosen to become part of this new show?
I was contacted by someone in production, and they said, “Do you have any friends that you watch TV with regularly?” I said, “I do, and they’re actually on their way over now to watch some!” After that we did a few rounds of interviews and meetings, but we still didn’t know what the show was or what network it was for. We just knew that we had found our dream job…getting to watch TV for a living!

Has the popularity of “The People’s Couch” surprised you?
When the press release came out announcing the concept for a TV show where you watch people watch TV, people called it “the end of humanity” and an “all-time low.” The night the first episode aired, we were flooded with enormous amounts of love and support, and it hasn’t stopped! People really connect with this show! I think people see a bit of themselves in one or all of the groups featured. It’s especially exciting for me to be a part of a TV show that features such a range of diversity on screen.

What goes on behind the scenes in the filming of this show?
There is no behind the scenes! Seriously, that’s my living room, those are my real friends and we are really just watching TV. People stop me in airports now and say things like, “Where is the studio where you all shoot?” and I always say, “I can’t tell you, because then you’d have my home address!” The point of the show is you get unscripted, real reactions from people. When folks say the show is fake, I always think, “If this show was scripted, don’t you think I’d hire better writers to make us a lot funnier than we are!?”

What’s next for you?
I’m always on the road touring with my one-man comedy shows and hosting events. I love a live audience. Maybe that’s why I love live-tweeting “The People’s Couch.” It feels like the people are right there with us, responding immediately. We’ve built a strong kinship with the fans, and they truly make us laugh! I love seeing their reactions to our reactions…yes, I know…very meta.

Follow Scott on Facebook and Twitter. The final episode of “The People’s Couch” Season 1 airs Tuesday, July 8, at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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