Sage Suede Drops “Thicc Juicy Bass”

Master rhyme enthusiast Sage Suede has unlocked the extraordinary with his new album release, “Thicc Juicy Bass.” The unique sound of each musical production anomaly is nowhere near the same or even similar. Suede is awakening the world to a new kind of music…the music of the future.

Sage and I exchanged questions and answers regarding his music, his story, and his inspirations….

What drives you?

I’m here to excite people with my music. I know what my fans want, and I deliver it hardcore. My tracks are for people to chill or go hard. “Thicc Juicy Bass” is for the booties out there to dance on whatever they want to.

Do you believe that you were destined to become a member of the music industry?

So far, I do everything solo. I’m open to forming a team to work with on future releases. Things are tough with the industry lately, but I don’t need anyone to be great. Can’t produce, direct and design without talent.

What is the theme (if any) of your album “Thicc Juicy Bass” and furthermore what inspired it?

“Thicc Juicy Bass” is about the feeling of booty bumpin bass. It’s sexy and thematically so because that’s just my life. I wrote lyrics in Spanish, English and Portugese. The Thiccness of the bass is also all about the booty shaking, so that is a thematic thing too for this album.

Is there a song on the album that you are particularly proud of or that has a special meaning to you?

I really like the song “Go Down so Smooth.” It’s got a sexy vibe about being with a lover and they go down. I thought my bucket metaphor in the bridge might be too confusing for virgins and then I heard them talkin about buckets in WAP a few months later, so I knew it was clutch. Great minds think alike. Another great track to check out is “Masterpiece” because it’s the perfect track for night riding.

What influences your songs?

My songs are for having a good time. Great for bars, or staying at home. For instance, I wrote Kick Off Your Heels about chilling at home. Sometimes I write poetry after smoking sage, McCormick’s works.

Who or what influences you?

I’m influenced by a lot of my favorite songs. I listen to music from all over the world and have lots of friends abroad. I love to study languages, so I have picked up a few. I wrote “A Caipira Com A Bundão” while working in Latin America recruiting at GLG. It’s more about my time at gay bars in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, lmao, but I also made out with this hot chick at Al Capone’s for like an hour. She gave me her business card, but I didn’t call, because international fees are too expensive.

If you could open for anyone on stage live who would you hope for and why?

I would love to perform with a pop goddess. I feel like they would have good advice for how to look hotter in dance performances. Usually I just improv my dancing, sort of influenced by latin rhythm and such, but I just jive.

Knowing what you know now what advice would you give baby Sage?

People are just looking at you because you’re hot.

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet what would it be, but be careful now you have to answer it as well?

Sage: What are your favorite modeling roles?

I modeled a few different brands, but my favorites were Ministry of Supply, One Gig Co and Package Menswear.

For Ministry of Supply, I wore a raincoat made from Nasa Spacesuit material that repelled water in torrential downpours; it was made by entrepreneurial materials engineers in Cambridge and I modeled it runway. I found One Gig Co, underground in Boston’s financial district where I bought my first skateboard. I organized the shoot with the manager and my friend Naturally Jess. They were super cool and I got this trill jacket. Package Menswear had the Total Package photoshoot, featuring me recently. I modeled casual, underwear, swimwear and a little kink with some cute harnesses. Dan Chavez asked me to model for them, after SXSW was cancelled and it was a lot of fun! I’m used to parties and I’ll totally wear cute outfits.

You’re a brand new color in a box of crayons, never before seen…..what color are you?

Glittery Gold

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Photo Credits: Dan-Ramone Vivian Chavez

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