Pride Fight: Gay Fighter Supreme Puts the POWER in Your Hands!

The idea for Gay Fighter Supreme arose from banter between friends enjoying a night out at NYC’s Boxers.

“We were discussing our mutual love for ‘90s fighting games,” says Michael Patrick, the game’s founder and creator. “The characters are all influenced by dated jokes, pop culture icons and camp. We wanted it to be like a Pride parade gone rogue.”

In Gay Fighter Supreme, 10 gay fighters compete to win the title of Gay Fight Champion. Among them are drag queen Carrie Cupcake, go-go boy Gary, lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears. The final three characters that must be defeated to win are from The League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ, for short). They are the real enemies, a group whose aim is to wipe out the LGBT community by brainwashing people into gay-hating cyborgs.

Game play is simple. At the bottom of the screen are six rainbow buttons that emit white lights. To execute an attack, players quickly tap the white light. Missing a light allows the opposing fighter to attack.

It’s a fight to the death, but no blood or gore is ever seen in Gay Fighter Supreme, only rainbows and unicorns. Michael Patrick explains more.

How did you come up with the hilarious characters? 
We came up with them through our experiences at gay bars, Pride festivals, friends, friends of friends, and most of all, ourselves. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then how the hell are you going to laugh at someone else?

Which character do you most closely identify with?

I identify with all of them equally. I’ve been each of the characters at different times in my life.

Which character would you most want to hook up with? 
I would have to say Bardwell. He’s sexy to me.

Would he give you the time of day in real life?
No, he probably wouldn’t. My attraction to bears tends to be a one-way street, since they generally flock together. I must admire their beauty from afar.

Which of the characters would most likely head the gay Pride parade?
Geez, maybe Sappho Ethridge? Lesbians are very efficient and organized and can rally like no other.

Is Carrie based on Mimi Imfurst?

I love Mimi! Especially when I saw her on You Tube doing a roast on “The Battle of the Seasons” cruise. She’s amazing. But to be honest, Carrie is modeled after a series of drag queens that perform in Minneapolis. Carrie is more of the old-school genre of drag, with pageantry and rhinestones. I mean, her gaytality (the weapon she uses to destroy opponents in Gay Fighter Supreme) is that she eats people alive. The queen loves theatrics.

The villains are based on real-life gay haters, like Sarah Palin and Jerry Falwell. They’re pretty scary!
Oh, for sure. Unfortunately, there are people out there who really want to hurt the gay community and would love nothing more than to eradicate us.

What do you want people to know about Gay Fighter Supreme?
I want people to recognize that it’s satire. It’s camp and fun. The intention is to be a good time. It’s a good laugh.

How will you celebrate Pride?
I will be going to the parade and waving to the marchers and cheering everyone on!

GAY FIGHTER SUPREME is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store. It is also available for Windows and Google Play. 

Mike Bahr

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