Pedro Alvarado

I’ve been working as a Manager at Barrage for the last three years. I’m working there Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s a job I love to do, giving me the chance to meet great people everyday, interact with them, making them feel welcome and fall in love with our bar.

I also create theme parties for our guests to gain new experiences. For example, we will have on Sunday, August 17, a Venezuelan party and on Sunday, September 14, a Brazilian Independence Party. That way I can bring a little bit of different cultures to our neighborhood in Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s all about having a great time and making our community to have a memorable experience. For those who haven’t been to Barrage, come and enjoy our music videos with one of our famous frozen margaritas or cosmopolitans. Hell’s Kitchen is the place to be, and Barrage is a friendly lounge. I invite you all to stop in to have a drink or even a few.

401 W 47th St., NY, NY
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Photo by JJ MACK


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