I had the pleasure of hiring Patrick Kuzara three years ago for a gig, and since then we have become quick nightlife sisters. I was fortunate enough to pull him away from taking shirtless selfies for this article. See what #DJPK has to say about NYC and his big move to L.A.! 

So you recently went blonde. Why blonde? Why now?
Wolf in twink’s clothing.

What is the funniest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?
Oh gosh, there are a lot to choose from. I heard from someone one time that I throw secret sex parties. The reality is I’m much more boring than anyone knows.

What do you think the biggest misconception is about you?Probably that I’m out all the time, when, in reality, I’m usually only out when I’m working.

You work pretty steadily as a DJ. Do you approach all your gigs the same, or do you have different rules for each?
I treat every gig differently. Different venues have different crowds. It’s all about adjusting on the fly, something I pride myself in being able to do.

How hard is it as someone who’s booked so consistently to constantly evolve and find new music to play?
I force myself to go on new music binges every other week. My whole DJ career has been built on people being familiar with the music that I play. I am constantly finding remixes of throwbacks while also keeping an eye on today’s charts.

What is your biggest pet peeve behind the booth?
Just one? OK, so I do love that people want to say hi to me. I wouldn’t have gigs if I didn’t know a lot of great people that support me, but saying hello and goodbye to a DJ while I’m mixing really irks me. Coming from the music world, and being a DJ that mixes 99% of his songs live, missing a clean transition is frustrating.

What is your least favorite song that you play but you have to for the crowd?
Adele’s “Hello” is quickly approaching this feeling. Conversely, I could play Bieber’s “Sorry” ever other song and be perfectly content.

Has there ever been a song in your set where you thought “This is gonna slay,” and instead it bombed?
I feel that way a lot about Missy Elliott’s new song. Everyone wants to hear it, and then after the first minute, they realize the song goes nowhere, and everyone’s bored.

What is the strangest request you’ve ever gotten?
I love my Latinos and Latinas, but asking for bachata in the middle of a great set on a busy night is just not reasonable. I play everything, but there’s a time and a place.

Is there a gig that you turned down or were unable to do that you regret?
I rarely turn down a gig. The answer is always yes when you’re hustling.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed from the booth ?
Straight women.

Who do you musically really want to see come back or hit it big in 2016?
I’d love to see JoJo come back with a full album. I need it to be on par with the artistry in her recent mixtapes, but with a pop tint.

So let’s pull a hypothetical: There’s a cute boy in the crowd. You’re in the booth. How do you get him?
It’s all about eye contact for me. A good friend of mine once told me if you can catch someone’s eye three times, it’s a green light to call them over. I’m pretty shy, though, so this rarely happens. Most boys at bars are up to no good, and I’m an angel.

Do you find it hard to date or meet guys because you’re in the booth and not on the floor, or do you think your position actually helps you?
Hurts me for sure. I get to watch everyone else hook up. Not always the best thing for my own morale.

Why the move to L.A.?
I came to this city to act and took a big detour through nightlife. I’m thankful for the tools in DJing that NYC has given me, but it’s time to go build a film career out West.

How have you seen the scene transform over the course of your career?
I don’t think I’ve been in it long enough to see it change. If anything, it’s always changing from night to night. There are going to be nights you’re playing for an empty dance floor. While that’s never fun, you have to adjust and make sure the ears that are listening to you are happy.

If you could trade places with one person in nightlife for a day, who would it be and why?
Scotty Em, duh.