Mimi LaRue

Satirical songwriter, performer, actress, rapper, and poet, Mimi LaRue is a refreshing Uncategorized artist, with songs so funny and each so different, that I wonder why she isn’t a superstar yet. It is said that “she is what the love child of Ali G and Lady Gaga would look like”.

Mimi critiques current pop culture topics with her music and humor. Her single, “Country Star” has recently been released, and is simply hysterical.

Besides her on stage talent, Mimi is also a fragrance designer.
I was able to share some questions and answers with her, all comical….she was a blast.

You are totally outrageous in  the  best way possible, what inspired your songwriting, your comedy, and especially “Country Star”?
I’m very inspired by the music industry. I look at the artists who are seeing huge success and I just think, “Wow!”. Much of my success is thanks to those artists, and I owe “Country Star” to so many male country music artists who really showed me what is possible.

Where do you perform in New York, and why haven’t I run into you yet?
I really love recording music so I’ve been busy with that. I look forward to performing live soon and can’t wait to start getting bookings. Book me! ([email protected]). I would love to run into you sometime, and then pick you back up off the ground with my music.

Who or what are your musical inspirations?
Anyone with depth…. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Big Bird.

I’m sure you are going to be a superstar momentarily, how do you think your life will change?
Thank you! I hope all superstardom means for me is more opportunities to connect with my peeps (my term for “fans”), experiment in different styles, find female song collaborators, and hopefully get more opportunities to make music and start my TV show.

Tell me about the fragrances you design.
The fragrance I have been designing right now has yet to be picked up but it is a very feminine, floral fragrance suitable for both men and women. It’s called P.U. which stands for “Possibly Unique”.

6Do you personally have a favorite genre of music?
I really do love them all, at the moment I’m really into Mongolian throat singing.

You have critiqued pop, rap and country…is punk or heavy metal next….I can’t wait!
Wow I’m so impressed with this question, it’s like you walked into my mind and broke a guitar there. I definitely have a few surprises planned, stay tuned 😉

Do you plan a tour in the near future?
Yes. I am taking bookings ([email protected])

Are you currently working on any new projects?
My next single really shows my serious side, up close and personal, then I have plans to form an all-girl band which I will document with a television show.

What is your favorite part of entertaining your fans?
I love interacting with my peeps on social media, I love surprising them, sharing my music, knowledge, and love. Mimi LaRue loves you!!!!

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