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Once again, the multi-talented, astonishingly fabulous columnist Michael Musto will be flaunting his captivating flair for song on Saturday, September 23, at Club Cumming (formerly Eastern Bloc and recreated by Alan Cumming and Daniel Nardicio).

Musto will be joyfully singing duets with artists including Tommy Femia, Alexis Michelle, Molly Pope, Aaron Weinstein, Rain Pryor, Rob Roth, Kenyon Phillips and more to be added to the roster. Songs to be sung will include “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” “Maybe This Time,” “I Got You Babe” and “Anything You Can Do.”

If that’s not enough, Musto also will be portraying the vivacious character of Uncle Ernie in the rock-opera “Tommy” at Joe’s Pub on September 11 at 9:30 p.m. I couldn’t resist the chance to chat before his busy career heats up even more, so we sat down for a catch up on what’s to come.

“Tommy” was one of my favorite sound tracks and rock-opera movies ever, and I’m so excited that you’re playing Uncle Ernie. How did that come about?
Frankie C, who you know, has been producing evenings at Pangaea, all-star revues, and I’ve been part of them. I did one that was a Broadway night, one that was Motown, and I suggested looking for a larger venue and doing a concert version of “Tommy.” Of course the part of Uncle Ernie appealed to me, because it’s colorful, it’s crazy, with that incredible song, “Fiddle About.” We’re even going to add little snippets of “See Me, Feel Me” to my song for a little perversion touch to that.

Also, I’m friends with this woman Lisi Tribble, and she is Ken Russell’s widow. He directed the movie “Tommy,” which is a brilliant adaptation of it – totally over the top and mesmerizing. Lisi is an old friend of mine; she used to come to my band’s gigs. So she agreed to co-produce it with Frankie and to put her late husband’s blessing on it. We already have three Tony nominees. We have Cady Huffman, who won the Tony for “The Producers”; she is going to play Nora, the Ann Margret role. Cheryl Freeman, who was nominated for playing the Acid Queen in “Tommy” on Broadway, is going to play the Acid Queen. Kenyon Phillips, who is a dear friend of mine, is going to play Tommy. This is just a spectacular for all the senses.

Then, a long time ago, I pitched Daniel Nardicio that I’d like to do a duet show. I didn’t mean it would be all me; I just thought I could do duets, other people could do duets. He put it in as “this is the Michael Musto Duet Show,” Which is fine with me, because I’m an egomaniac. They had torn down Eastern Bloc to be renovated, and in September it’s opening up as Club Cumming. So September 23 at 10:30 p.m. is Michael Musto Duets. I’m rounding up incredible people:
Dina Martina, Molly Pope and Tommy Femia (Judy Garland), Alexis Michelle from “Drag Race,” and we’re all going to sing duets, or even if they’re not duets, we are going to make them duets. It’s a way for me to act out my schizophrenia to music by singing with other people.

So where will you be doing “Tommy”?
It’s at Joe’s Pub, September 11 at 9:30 p.m.

You are on your way to being musically famous.
You know, you’ve got to have a back-up plan. So being a rock star is my back-up plan. The next stop will definitely be Broadway, or Radio City.

I would say MSG.
And I’m not Mariah Carey – I can sing. I wonder if I should get a new face like Lady Gaga. Where do I get it? Do they sell it at Walmart?

How did the roast turn out?
It was amazing. Jinkx Monsoon talked for eight hours. I think she’s still talking. She’s doing her second set soon. Then Rosie said she was going to double the amount made for the charity, which was the Callen-Lorde Foundation. Then this woman Jane Freeman said she was adding $30,000 to it.

How much was made?
I don’t know the exact number, but it was enormous, much more than we could’ve made just selling out, which we did. Scruff was the sponsor of the event, and Callen-Lorde was the beneficiary, so I really feel the message of the evening was: “Go out and get fucked by a stranger, and then get treated for it.” I agreed with all the horrible things people said about me, because I have such low self-esteem. I was very grateful to them for agreeing with my low image.

So how are you feeling?
My friends come over with free food, and I’m at the front of the line at Trader Joe’s.

Did you get a handicap sticker for your bicycle?
I’m using all the privileges, and I’m getting a lot of publicity, so I recommend this to everybody. Have fun, get hurt and have a roast, and get your emotions hurt, too. That’s my message

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