Cavo has long been an Astoria nightlife staple for over 14 years catering to most communities, ranging from Latin nights to Euro-house events, and now it’s the LGBT community’s turn to see what all the hype is about.

This stunning three-room venue boasts not only a beautiful outdoor garden complete with waterfalls and lush greenery but also an indoor space with a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system. A posh lounge area offers seating for those seeking a break from the dance floor and epic bar in the main room. Cavo is known as the standard for nightlife in Queens, and now owner Tommy Demaras and his team have taken the next step. “KING At Cavo” will be the first LGBTfocused event and is shaping up to once again prove why Cavo is #1.

The owners allied themselves with nightlife guru Carlos Vera, of the former Krash, to make this a night to remember. “We are celebrating the rebirth of the gay club night, bringing it back with force after a 10-year absence in Astoria,” says Vera. With the help of Eric Forand and General Manager Richie Nolan, they have put together a concept that will shock and amaze all in attendance, featuring not only the hottest gogo dancers, but also hardbodied, skilled bartenders and a unique and innovative cocktail list.

The grand opening of KING Sunday, September 22, started a weekly event bringing back the days of big clubs, big DJs and big entertainment. “We are here to create an event, not just a night,” says Forand. The opening night heralded the return of DJ Mike Cruz, resident DJ of Krash, to Astoria as the night’s headliner. Hostess Laritza Dumont was impeccable, entertaining the crowd all night. According to the KING’s creators, “That was just the start.”

Weekly themes will bring new and different entertainment. Upcoming themes including WET, Boys of Bollywood and a surprise Halloween event will keep guests coming back for more. This week, “Nuit de Carnival” will feature DJ Rico spinning all night and the allmale aerial act ManTryx. “This is just the beginning,” Nolan says. “Wait till you see what’s next!” To keep up with each week’s theme and upcoming events, be sure to friend King Cavo on Facebook at www.facebook. com/kingcavo or email

42-18 31st Ave
Astoria NY, 11103