Playgirl is finally coming out. That is, with a new app, specifically for gay men. Available on all iPhones and Android devices, PlayR aims to put the entire gay community into your pocket.

Yeah, we hear what you’re thinking – another gay hook-up app?

Well, hold on playr, this one is different. It brings a little competition to the game of hook-up. Similar to the straight dating app Tinder, men view photos of other guys and swipe either left (“foul”) or right (“I’m game”). If the guy you swipe right on swipes right on you, it’s playRtime!  Guys go for the score by instant messaging one another through the app.

For men into group action, there is a chat function that allows for multiple PlayRs on the field at once.

“The PlayR game borrows from the process our Playgirl hunks go through when trying to become part of our brand,” says Playgirl’s head of digital marketing, Dylan Roberts. “It’s essentially a casting session where PlayRs get to sit in the director’s chair and choose who does and who does not make the cut.”

The free app is being rolled out to New York City first with the help of Playgirl’s resident spinner, DJ Escape, whose live club music sessions are featured on the app’s music player.

“The app is more than a dating site. The music player is perfect to listen to on the subway or at the gym,” says Escape.

PlayR also features local club and event listings for all 50 states.  What is most intriguing, guys can rate the events in real time to let others know if the party is worth getting out of bed for.

The PlayR app is Playgirl’s first real acknowledgment of its significant gay male readership. Over 5,000 of its current members identify as gay men.

Playgirl also aims to reach further with the app: to men who do not identify as gay but are curious to explore sexual relations with other guys. “The line between gay and straight continues to blur,” says Roberts. “PlayR encourages all guys willing to take a swing to step up at bat.”