The last time DJ Scotty Thomson performed XL was at the club’s original location on 16th Street. “That ’s where I got my start as a DJ,” he recalls. “I made many frie ndships playing there .”

Back then, he made a name for himself spinning in a speedo. “I got a lot of criticism for it,” he says. “I actually stopped doing it because I was afraid it might hurt my career.”

Oh, what a career it has been! Scotty has spent the last several years traveling the world, headlining major gay events like Miami Beach Gay Pride and White Party. This year will be his fifth headlining Black and Blue Montreal.

So when he takes the decks at XL on Friday, October 4, it will be a reunion of sorts. “I will be pulling out all the stops,” he says. “NYC hasn’t heard Scotty in a large venue like this in a while. It’s gonna be legendary.”

But will he play in his speedo?

“Lately, I say fuck the people who want to criticize me. If I wanna play naked, that’s my prerogative. I’m confident in my music and that’s all that matters.” Catch Scotty Thomson live when he debuts Fuel Fridays at XL on October 4th.

What fuels your set?
My sound is always driven by heavy bass-lines, recognizable samples and some commercial tracks. I frequently pay homage to my roots of early- to mid-’90s house.

Is that what makes you stand apart from other DJs?
What makes me stand out is I make it known I’m an artist, not a juke box. When I perform, I’m not just throwing my hands in the air and shit. I’m working the tracks. All my sets are unique and tailored to the night. I don’t make playlists. I feed off the responses I get from the crowd. I like to experiment and tease, make people interested in what’s coming next.

What’s coming next for you?
I’m fresh out of getting my degree in audio engineering. After two years of focusing on school, I’m ready to start DJ’ing more. I suddenly feel this huge rush to get behind the decks, and playing at XL is perfect timing for me.

As a longtime resident of Splash, were you sad to see the club close?
I was, but I knew it was time for Splash to close. The place had a legendary run, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Is XL a shiny new Maserati?
Of course it is. The club has reinvigorated the gay nightclub scene in NYC. Finally, we have a large venue dedicated to house music. Let’s get the party started.

Scotty Thomson debuts Fuel Fridays at XL on October 4.