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Corey Streets

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Corey Streets is a local NYC singer and songwriter bringing sexy queer energy to the R&B and pop scenes. Before becoming an artist, Corey grew up homeless, and used music to find himself as a bi-racial, queer person. Writing songs about sexual exploration and empowerment as a queer person, he’s gained a following for breaking barriers for many in the LGBTQ+ community. 


Last year, you released three songs and a new song already this year. What a milestone. How does it feel? 

It feels surreal, I remember being so nervous to release even one song and waiting what seemed like forever just to get it out there. It’s wild to think now I have shared so much of my art with the world. 

What is your newest song, “Come Through ‘–available February 2nd–all about? 

Similar to some of my previous songs, it’s about embracing your sexuality, while enjoying a moment with someone. “Come Through” tells a story of hitting up a familiar face, and enticing them to come over for some fun. 

What can people expect to feel when they hear “Come Through” for the first time? 

“Come Through” will give you a sense of nostalgia, to when you’ve had or have fantasized about a sexy encounter with someone. It is a vibe that gives you those sexy feels for sure. 

There’s a music video for “Come Through” What will fans see from Corey Streets? 

People will see some looks, obviously! But really, they’ll see a few different intimate scenes where it’s just me in the video this time. I wanted to make it as though I was singing to the person watching, telling them to come through. Lots of eye contact, you know, if you’re into that! 

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Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

Usually, my own experiences. Being queer, I feel like we get judged for who we have sex with as it is. I wanted to take some of those sexual moments and make art out of it that people can vibe to, even outside of our community. All of my songs come from an experience or situation I’ve been in myself and felt that others can relate to. 

So what’s next for Corey Streets in 2024? 

I’ll be performing and promoting this new song and plan to have some special performances later in the summer for Pride as well. I also plan to release another song this spring. 

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