The brilliant and beautiful Grammy-nominated Charli XCX has just released her brand-new, effervescent album “SUCKER” (via Neon Gold/Atlantic records), featuring her smash hits “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules.” FUN is how I see it as I travel around, blasting the recording.
This fierce British daredevil-turned-superstar has spent the last 18 months unleashing a string of singles and videos that have allowed her to climb to one of the highest positions in modern pop in today’s sounds. By now the world is familiar with the phenomenon “Boom Clap,” featured on the film “The Fault in our Stars,” which has become a U.S. and international favorite. The remainder of the album is just as powerful.

Very recently this vivacious pop star has been seen on the “Late Show With David Letterman,” NBC’s “Today,” the “MTV European Music Awards,” Saturday Night Live,” the grand finale of “Dancing With the Stars” and the American Music Awards. She has appeared live at the Jingle Ball concerts in Boston, D.C., Chicago, Miami and Tampa.

The “shouty” singer, as she has been described (in a good way), chronicles the album as “a red lightening bolt on a pink background.” Right from the first track, “Sucker,” she sets the tone, preparing the audience for the explosive storm about to rage on. Hailing from the U.K., Charli sings of driving on the wrong side of the road while living in Hollywood like a “London Queen,” and then goes on to sing “Gold Coins,” which illuminates itself as an experimental type of hip hop style. The 14-track release goes on and on without a “skipable” song. It is lively, upbeat, romantic…it’s NOW, ever so relevant to the sound of today.