Attention all club DJs! Calvin Harris’ new release “Motion” will bring down the house with its explosive electronic sound. You will certainly need to include the tracks from “Motion” in your repertoire, especially if you pride yourselves on filling up the dance floor.

Calvin Harris, also known as Adam Richard Wiles, hails from Dumfries, Scotland. He is known for “Summer,” “Bounce” and “Feel So Close.” Not only is he a a singer, but he is also a songwriter and DJ as well as a record producer. His outstanding new release “Motion” is a powerful, enthusiastic and commanding collection of electronic pop at more than its very best. Harris holds the record for the most top 10 hits off one single studio album on the U.K. singles charts, surpassing even Michael Jackson. In October, he became the very first artist to have three songs at the same time on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic charts.

Each track is sensational, and although I could not pick out one that is more essential than the next, the ones that play over and over again in my head and car CD are track number six, “Outside,” featuring Ellie Goulding, and “Blame,” already a hit single, featuring John Newman. “Slow Acid” is by far one of the most amazing dance numbers I have ever encountered.

Released on November 4, “Motion” also includes “Under Control” and of course “Summer.” Fans and followers of Calvin Harris are going to be flawed by this album as well as those who up until now aren’t familiar with this revolutionary DJ. It contains 15 tracks, all exciting, all danceable and all fabulous. Listening to this release is sure to prepare your mood and entire being as you get dressed and ready to capture the nightlife.