Several months ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Wachman, one of the owners of the renowned BuffBoyzz, a sexy male revue known throughout New York City. Since our last conversation, the BuffBoyzz have expanded and have plans for even more growth.

So what have you been up to since we last spoke, Jeff?
Everything’s been good. Things have been progressing, and we’ve opened up in Philadelphia now.

Where in Philly?
We’re at a club called 1925. It used to be called G Lounge. It’s a straight club, and I was being told that they couldn’t get the gays to cross the lines. There’s an invisible line that the gays won’t cross. I told the club owner not to worry, and at our grand opening we had 170 guys crossing the line.

Are you still with that very cute boy?
Oh yes—my husband.

So you’re married?
Yes, I am married. I’ve been married two years now in January.

Congratulations then. Besides your Philly opening, what else is on the horizon for the BuffBoyzz?
We are going to have a few things coming about. We’re looking to expand to the West Coast, where I already have a straight revue going on, so we’re looking for locations in Los Angeles. I plan on doing also at least one party in Atlanta. Atlanta is very infamous for the amount of strip clubs they have for women.

Back in New York what’s going on?

We’re at Fairytale Lounge, Uncle Charlie’s, Stonewall. In New Jersey we’re at Duval and Feathers, and in Philadelphia we’ll be at 1925. We’ve got other things in the works right now.  We’re gonna do our own productions. We’re going to be expanding into a bigger market. A lot of good things are coming this summer—let’s just say that.

How many BuffBoyzz do you have now?
Now there’s at least 50.

Last we spoke you only had 30.
Yeah, well, we’ve got to have at least 50 guys now.

How many are gay?
Out of the 50, I’d have to say maybe 15.

You have really turned the BuffBoyzz around. What do you attribute that to?
It’s not just a party for me; it’s a business. Being gay and being in the industry, loving strip clubs, strippers, being on the customer’s side, I know what not to do. When it comes to media and publicity, I spare no expense, first of all – spending money to make money. Also, I’m pretty well known myself in the gay community, even outside of NYC. I’ve gone to places like Philly, Florida, Atlanta, you name it, and I’ve always run into people that were like, “Hey, Jeff.” The power of social media has done that for me. When I was in LA last week, people were congratulating me on the success of the BuffBoyzz. I’m like, “Hi, how are you?” It’s very rewarding to see how well my efforts are working that they are seen everywhere.

When you have a party, are you present at the party?
Yes, I try to be as much as I can. I go to Philly every other week. I’m at the party, John’s at the party or my husband is at the party. There’s always a presence there, and for the most part I try to be at every party. A lot of times I’m out at businesses hunting for locations and stuff like that, and no matter where we open, I’ll always be there for the grand opening.

Did you ever dance yourself?
People think I was a dancer; that was never the case. I very rarely danced, if ever. It’s funny, now that I’m part owner of the company, I’m actually dancing more now than ever. If a guy calls out, I fill in. So I kind of find it awkward that I was never a dancer before, and now that I own the company I am. I love it when I do dance, because I get to be one of the guys putting smiles on people’s faces.

What do you see in the BuffBoyzz’ future?
I see this company evolving into much, much more than a male revue. I want to get into the adult entertainment industry, start my own brand. I have something else in the works that I can’t talk about yet, but there are gonna be some really big things. People are gonna be shocked.  I see great things for this industry and everyone in it.

If someone wants to book a private party with the BuffBoyzz, how would they do that?
They go to the website, pick a dancer they like and then give me a call, or they can book it through the reservation system on the website. We do not sell sex. We have a disclosure. We are not an escort service; we only provide entertainment. We are a legitimate business.

What do you like best about the business?
I like the fact that it’s a business that I enjoy being in. I love strippers. I go to other strip clubs and spend hundreds of dollars. I don’t mind the revolving cycle of money. If I put it out, it’s gonna come back. I believe that whole-heartedly. I’m able to be in an industry that I love.

Let’s have the low down: Where are you at in New York and when?
Seven days a week we’re at Fairytale Lounge (500 W 14th Street). Every Sunday we’re at Uncle Charlie’s (145 E 45th Street), and also on Mondays we kind of compete against ourselves at Stonewall (Christopher Street), and Fridays and Saturdays we’re in New Jersey. Friday we’re at Duval, and on Saturdays we’re at Feathers, and we’re in Philadelphia on Sundays. Finally, I’d like to thank the whole BuffBoyzz team, because without them, the prosperous future ahead would not be possible, so thanks for all their hard work.

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