The moment the promo came out about the 40th Birthday roast from Brandon Voss and Lady Bunny, my first words were: This roast will be huge! And it was huge. Three hours later, the show ended, and I can say it was nothing less than incredible. In my opinion it was the deal of the decade for $30, which will be donated to fund the movie that Matt Kugelman and Bianca Del Rio have teamed up to start production on, “Hurricane Bianca,” in 2015. 

The roast was the most I have ever laughed and the most fun I have had all in one night. Here’s why.

There are few who are as entertaining on stage as Lady Bunny, except for maybe Bianca Del Rio herself. The duo were together on stage with the hilarious Courtney Act, who was brilliant and shockingly funny. She also has a new single out in iTunes. She is even more beautiful in person than on TV.

Courtney sat next to Michael Musto, who is always fun on any stage he’s on, and then there was Darienne Lake, who can take any joke you throw her way with grace and dignity and give people smiles on their faces at her expense, which is why we love her.

Then there was Mimi Infurst, who thanks to Darienne doesn’t take all the weight on her shoulders anymore for the butt of the jokes. Everyone who knows Mimi in NYC and Philly knows she plays the part well of not being liked, but once the mic is in Mimi’s hand nobody plays with her—well, except Bianca. And at the end of the day Mimi is a well-known DJ as well as a famous queen, and no one dislikes a DJ or a talented RuPaul’s Queen.

Bob the Drag Queen who won this years Get Out! Magazine Awards for Best Drag/ Trans Performer in NYC as well as Best Comedy Drag ( capturing Bianca’s place in the top spot of NYC for 2015) was also on stage to roast Bianca and the table of roasters. It was my first time seeing Bob the Drag Queen on stage and I plan to see Bob more in the future.

Jinkx Monsoon really stood out, and from the raves reviews her last time in NYC, I want to see her show at the Beechman this June. After seeing her on stage at the roast, I knew it would be a show that must be seen.

Logan Hardcore came out on stage ready to drill everyone a new hole, but seeing her in her shows on Fire Island, she is always on top of her game and always a great energy show to watch. She similarly captivated the crowd at the roast.

Shequida did not have much to say at the roast, maybe because Bianca was present and she has pretty much said everything there is to say of Miss Del Rio for years now, even posing with Bianca’s awards from the 2014 Get Out! Awards. But it’s always good to see a good old-fashioned cat fight between the two.

Tina Burner, who can control the stage and do some great punch lines, even cheered when someone came up dry on a few jokes.

The surprise performance was Shangela, who surprised everyone and came down from the ceiling in a chandelier (as they called it) to the song “Wrecking Ball,” and who had everyone laughing so much throughout the show. I will always be grateful to Sahara, who was so excited to introduce me to my first “RuPaul’s Drag Race” girls Shangela and Manila, and at the roast I was thrilled to see Shangela perform a second time.

To end the show, RuPaul did one of the best compliment videos wishing Bianca a happy birthday, which made the crowd cheer. Sherry Vine, who is doing her tour in Arizona, was not able to attend but also gave her best wishes.

As usual, Wilsonmodels was there taking photos—and we are happy to be able to share some with you here.

None of this would have happened without Bianca Del Rio and her movie “Hurricane Bianca,” along with her roasting team including Lady Bunny and Brandon Voss.

Happy birthday, Bianca, from Get Out! Magazine! and congrats on your repeat win of RuPaul’s Favorite Queen of all seasons as well as the LGBT Comedian of the Year award. See Bianca Del Rio on stage at this years PrideFest and be sure to stop by at the Get Out! Magazine booth C13 (On the East Side of Hudson Street Between Horatio St. & Jane St.) On Sunday, June 28th.

Please go to to donate to the movie or get your dates for her shows. She is sure to be on TV in the future as well as the big screen.