Alec Mapa Hosts The Hookie Awards

Alec Mapa knows a thing or two about hosting.

On TV’s Ugly Betty, Mapa was Suzuki St. Pierre, the on-screen host of the fashion television channel that covered the inside gossip from Mode Magazine. After Betty, Mapa went on to host Transamerican Love Story, the reality dating show where transgendered Calpernia Addams was selected from among eight potential suitors. Then, last year, he became one of the co-hosts of Logo’s The Gossip Queens.

Now Alec Mapa is preparing for his most ambitious hosting gig yet: He has been tapped to host The Hookies: The 6th Annual International Escort Awards. Presented by, the world’s largest male escort site, the show celebrates the best in the male escort industry with awards in 15 categories including the night’s top prize: Mr. International Escort.

Congratulations Alec on landing the Hookies gig!
Thanks! I’m the right man for this job because I love talking about sex in a healthy, hilarious and shameless way. I think we take sex waaaaaaaay too seriously. It’s supposed to be fun.

Leslie Jordan hosted last year’s Hookies. How will you top him?
I just saw Leslie the other night! He’s a good friend, and I absolutely adore him. We are both pocket gays who like to make people giggle. The biggest difference between us is he’s more of a southern belle. I’m far less ladylike. I’m a dirty little ex-Catholic boy from San Francisco.

What category are you looking forward to awarding at THE HOOKIES?
I’m looking forward to Best Boyfriend Fantasy. My best boyfriend fantasy would be some big naked guy who loves cleaning house, a giant nudist with OCD. I’m so vanilla, my safe word is “Ouch!”

The evening will culminate with the award for International Escort of the Year.
I imagine it will go to someone who has mastered several tongues.

If you weren’t a famous comedian, would you have considered a career as a hustler?
It’s the same thing. I’m just an entertainer with more clothing.

You gotta be a hustler to make it in today’s world, wouldn’t you agree?
One of my best friends, Jackie Beat, once said, “All performers are prostitutes, even Meryl Streep. If you don’t believe me, rent Mamma Mia!”

Is there an award you hope to win one day?
I’m not big on awards, unless it involves cash. Oh my god, I totally AM a hooker. See you there!

– By Charlie Rockafort

Who will win Mr. International Escort of 2012? We’ll find out at’s 6th Annual International Escort Awards Show, officially called “The Hookies,” in New York City on Friday, March 23. The people’s choice awards are being given in 15 categories, including Best Newcomer, Best Pornstar Escort, Best Top, Best Body,  Best Daddy and more, all leading to the top prize of the evening:  Mr. International Escort 2012. Awards are presented by, the world’s largest male escort site, in association with BPX: The Black Party Expo.

The Hookies take place FRIDAY, MARCH 23, at 10 p.m. live in New York City @ Roseland Ballroom, 231 W 52nd St.  

For more information and to vote for your favorite escort, go to

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