Zach Zimmerman is a queer comedian who is making quite a splash since moving to New York last year. Time Out New York called him a “hyper-prolific, wickedly funny stand-up,” he has had humor pieces published in The New Yorker and McSweeney’s and he has performed with The Second City Theatricals. He sat down with Get Out! to talk comedy, remote control butt plugs and social media plugs (@zzdoublezz).

Zach! Welcome to New York.
Thank you! I’ve been waiting to be welcomed.

Do you feel like a New Yorker?
I do! Last week, I made plans to get coffee with a friend. Three days later, we both realized we had forgotten. It was in that moment: I become a New Yorker.

Haha. Tell me about your comedy. You’ve got a show at the Museum of Sex?
Yes! It’s called Let’s Have Sex With Zach Zimmerman, because I am subtle and do stand-up to find a husband. It’s a new monthly sex/comedy/talk show with stand-up comedians, drag queens and an interview with a sexpert who you can ask all your questions. I’ll give you terrible answers; they give you factual ones. It’s a goddamn blast.

Have you learned anything from the show?
Put lube INSIDE the condom. Game changer. I had no idea. Also, be careful who you give the remote to when you’re wearing a remote control butt plug on stage. Drag queens can be cruel.

What got you into comedy?
Oof. Great q. I’d say at first I was drawn to comedy in a search for immediate validation. My dad used to give dinner table sermons to me as a kid in an evangelical household, and I never got to talk, so now…I talk a lot. So word of caution, parents: Let your kids talk! Or you’re gonna make more stand-up comedians, and no one wants that.

Now that I’ve matured and don’t need (as much) validation (though it never hurts), I’m drawn to comedy because of its immediacy—it can react rapidly to events of the week and even in the room, its interactivity—it invites the audience into a dialogue while other art forms can be a bit more one-way, and its ability to bring people together—literally and figuratively.

Also, again, I am looking for a husband.

Where can people catch you next?
@zzdoublezz on all social media platforms, sweetheart! I recently did a thing on my Instagram where I posted just the letters to spell out an upcoming show, and it decimated my likes. Zuckerberg was not happy. So please, find it in your heart: Dig deep, and give those likes today.

And live shows?
Yes. Come see Queer EyeRL at The Bell House on October 18. It’s a Queer Eye satire where we make over an audience member. The cast is stacked. It’s too fun. And, of course, check out the Let’s Have Sex With Zach Zimmerman show. The next one is October 25! Devil emoji.