Quiet Events® evolves “silent disco” taking it to city clubs, streets and subways.

Known as “silent disco” in Europe, Quiet Clubbing is now making major noise in NYC, thanks to Quiet Events® Founder, William Petz (34); the nine-to-fiver and entrepreneur who brought this concept to NYC after originally experiencing it on a cruise in 2012.

“I had no doubt Quiet Clubbing would be a hit in NYC,” explains Petz. “This concept brings people together on many different levels. The connections and interaction these headphone parties foster is what keeps people coming back.”

For those who haven’t yet heard of the cities biggest entertainment craze since Flash Mobbing, Quiet Clubbing is a live music event where three music stations featuring DJ’s spinning 80’s, Top 40, Hip-hop and everything in between, are streamed through wireless headphones worn by partygoers.

The result? Hundreds of partiers dancing, singing, socializing and never leaving the dance floor, as they actually control the genre and volume level of the music they’re listening to.  Great for any occasion, (partying solo, with friends, birthday celebrations, a girl’s night out) Quiet Events® are hosted at NYC clubs, lounges, out-door venues and even on subways throughout the city.

Glowing colors on the front of the headsets indicate which station someone is listening to so revelers can dance to their own beat, follow the crowd, or simply spectate. If someone wants to chat up a friend and/or hottie, they simply remove their headset and are actually able to hear the person they’re talking to sans blaring club music.

The benefits transcend the club-goer’s improved experience of music control, being able to hear the person they’re talking to, not to mention, no longer leaving the club with their ears ringing,” says Petz. “DJ’s love it because they get immediate feedback as to who is listening to their channel, they’ll even start competing amongst each other to win over listeners. With all of the noise ordinances in NYC, club and bar owners are also now welcoming this concept in a major way.”

Due to a welcome reception and growing demand, Quiet Events® has quickly gone from a start-up into a full-fledge business operation, providing head phone rentals across the US and producing weekly parties and events across the Tri-state area.

“Business is quite literally booming,” says Founder Petz. “We just launched a brand new website and are getting ready to build-out the Quiet Clubbing City Party Tours division of our company. Tourists from all over the world will now get to experience NYC’s clubs, streets and subways like never before.”

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Battle of the Three DJs
42West (514 W. 42nd Street)

General Admission tickets can be purchased for $15 by visiting