The ultimate PlayR DJ Escape spins the hottest part in town this winter, Obey Sundays at Slake. 

Just a block south of Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, Slake has the dark, old-school basement club vibe of the legendary clubs of yesteryear along with a killer sound system that  and co-resident DJ Hex Hector are putting to good use.

“My nights are about fun and energy and making sure people leave with memories,” says Escape.

In addition to spinning club hits, he creates them too. He and studio partner Tony Coluccio have released several Billboard #1s from Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” to Deborah Cox’s “Higher” and Asher Monroe (featuring Chris Brown)’s “Memory.” They’re currently working on new productions with dance artists Robin S, Veronica, Inaya Day and Sandy B.

“I bring what I do in the DJ booth to the studio,” he says. “The same high-energy beat that gets the kids hopping on my floor is found in my remixes and productions.”

He’s most noted for his mashups, where he intersperses classic cuts into the hottest records of the day. “It allows me to make a record my own. Even when I play the hits, I play them in a way I guarantee no one has heard before.”

That unique sound can now be heard on your phone through the PlayR music app. The app will feature live sessions of Escape at Obey or whatever venue he is spinning that weekend.  It will then store the beats for guys to listen to during the week: More likely than not at the gym, where you’ll be preparing your pecs to strut at next weekend’s party. We know you!

Escape spins Obey Sundays at Slake (251 West 30th Street, between 7th and 8th Ave.).

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