New York City — July 6, 2017 10:00AM along the 42nd Street Plaza inside Bryant Park (just north of the Bryant Park lawn), Garrett Bowser, gay 46 year old Greenwich Village resident, is announcing his Independent campaign for mayor of New York City with a progressive platform appealing to conservatives and liberals who are ready to work together to provide sustainable solutions to the issues we face today.

Bowser insists, “We have all the resources we need when we work together to provide sustainable solutions to generate new wealth, strengthen community, and create a wider-scope of benefit without burdening New Yorkers with higher taxes.”

Bowser plans to unveil his NYC Smart City Platform to provide a Sustainable Community Development Program allowing people, business, and lawmakers to plug into the issues that matter to us most—issues such as:

  • Lowering Subway Fares & Increasing Service while Eliminating the Unfair “MTA Payroll Tax”
  • Launch New Trolley Lines to Run throughout Brooklyn and Queens
  • Providing an Optional Universal Direct Patient Care Program w/Lab Work & Medications Available at Near Wholesale Costs
  • Decriminalizing Drugs & Treating Drug Addiction as a Healthcare Issue
  • Legalizing Marijuana for Full Medical & Recreational Use w/NYC420TAX
  • Designing an Educational Experience Around Student Need—NYC Smart City Schools
  • Building a No-Tuition Ivy League University & Learning Hospital w/Mobile Clinics Serving the Entire 5 Boroughs
  • Legalizing Airbnb Rentals of Less than 30 Days to Help New Yorkers Afford the Rising Cost of Rent w/an “Airbnb Tax” for rentals less than 30 days, a Casino Tax, & Marijuana Tax (aka NYC420TAX) to Help Fund Education, Healthcare, & Affordable Housing (Popup Rescue Shelters)
  • Riker’s Island Prison Reform, Urban Farming, & Animal Sanctuary (ban shelters from killing pets due to lack of home and ban non-rescue pets from being sold in New York City)
  • Phasing Out One-Use Plastics as Part of a Profitable & Sustainable Zero Waste Initiative to Mentor New Business and Create New Jobs
  • Building a Barrier Community Along the New York City Waterways to Save Lives, Property, & Invaluable Infrastructure from Rising Sea Levels & Increased Superstorm Activity
  • New York City will Remain a Sanctuary City for Peaceful Immigrants
  • Increasing Tourism & Attracting Business Investment & Job Providers throughout the Five Boroughs to Increase the Money Supply for Our Struggling New York City Economy
  • Converting 6th Avenue into Parkland for Pedestrians, Bicycles, and Popop Shops and Cafes from Battery Park to Central Park with Electric Trolley Service
  • Building Immigrant City in the Lower Bay standing 1 ¼ Mile High, 5 Mile International Airport Floating 5 Miles Off the Coast of New York Connected Via Hyperloop, & a NY/NJ Landbridge Park with Casino, Resort, Spa, and Affordable Housing