Aaron DeGraffe cofounder of “Verb Fitness” agreed to speak with me from the gym, which he claims is his life…

Aaron, what exactly is Verb Fitness?
Verb Fitness is my company that I founded with my partner Amad, and our mission is to motivate and empower individuals to adapt to a true lifestyle of fitness and to overcome obstacles—to be the best version of you that you can be.

Are you a personal trainer?
I am.

What gym do you work with?
I have my own private business, so I don’t work with a gym. I train at private studios as well as private residences.

Do you hold training classes?
I am a personal trainer, so I do one-on-one training.

What type of clients do you train?
I train all types, different sorts of people. The main thing is I tend to attract people who want to improve their fitness level through their strength [and their] overall quality of life. I also tend to attract people who tend to train competitively or enjoy a very active lifestyle and who just want to be taken to the next level.
How much do you weigh?
About 218.

How tall are you?
I am 6’1’’.

How about body fat?
Last time I checked it was about 12%.

Do you have a special diet?
I don’t have a special diet. I don’t really believe in diets per se. I believe in eating healthy and having a balanced, nutritional meal plan that sustainable, meaning that’s not going to deprive you, that’s going to be sustainable for life.

Do you do weight-loss training?
Absolutely. I have weight-loss clients. Really with that it’s lifestyle changes. It’s slow and steady, changing your habits, changing your eating habits. If you eat two large meals a day, start to eat more in terms of every three hours to boost your metabolism. Strength training to develop muscles as well as cardiovascular training to improve heart health. So overall it’s improving the nutrition for the client and adopting better eating habits.

How much time do you spend for yourself a week in the gym?
From stretching to working out, at least two hours a day. I train at least five days a week, I would say 12 hours to 15 hours a week.

I used to train very hard with a trainer. He trained us as if we were men.
You see, I say he trains you like women, to lift and be strong. I think that’s very empowering for women: to embrace, to be strong, being leaders and being independent and knowing that it’s OK to go to the gym and work hard and sweat and lift weights and lift heavy weights. It doesn’t take away from your femininity; it doesn’t take away from you being a classy lady.

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