Wil’s Last Dance

Wils. Photo by Casey James.

Singapore pop singing sensation Wils, who became famous for being the world’s first openly gay Chinese pop singer, is releasing his final single, Dancing Lights.  “My journey in music is complete,” the singer-songwriter confirms.  “It has been a heartening ten-year ride that has taught me to live fearlessly as my authentic true self and I am ready to now follow the ‘Dancing Lights’ to where ever they lead me.”

The lights Wils is referring to are the divine, celestial lights that he believes have guided him from above, through the darkness of a dear friend’s passing toward his true life’s purpose.  “The pain of losing someone so important in my life made me go deeper within to find out what was keeping me from being happy,” Wils explains of writing “Dancing Lights”.  “It led me to the realization that now was the time to dedicate my energy into helping others heal.”

The song is an uplifting dance track that explores moodier, more subdued hues than past releases from Wils. Built around vocal effects and vintage synths, it’s an understated sound that sets the atmosphere of a young man coming to terms with life’s inevitable highs and lows.

Along with the single, the “Dancing Lights” visual, directed by Stro and filmed at various locations in Los Angeles including Matador Beach and City Walk, captures the essence of grief as a person emerges from the dark hole of depression into the final stage of acceptance.  “I’m incredibly proud of the video,” Wils says.  “It reflects on the beautiful times I shared with my friend and reminds me that even through the pain, I can embrace the love we once shared.”

Wils. Photo by Ben Cope.

Wils first gained fame with his 2014 album, WTF.   It was named Best Pop Album of the Year at the Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards.   At the Los Angeles Music Awards, it was nominated for Best Album.  Wils was also nominated Pop Artist of the Year (male) and International Artist of the Year and his single, “Less is More”, won Music Video of the Year for its superb integration of technology, music, fashion and art.

Wils knew from an early age that he was destined for the stage.  “I performed my school’s annual talent contest in junior high. I was so terrible, it was funny.  Everyone laughed and I did too, but I remember thinking to myself that if I could make people laugh with bad singing, I could get them crying with good.  I taught myself the guitar and piano and the next year I went back on stage with an emotional song that got the tears flowing!  It was then that I knew I wanted to change people’s lives through music.”

Among Wils’ greatest hits are “What Are We Waiting For,” a passionate track about male infatuation, “Fly High,” Wils’ exploration into love and relationships as a young guy living in Los Angeles and “Open Up Babe”, a song that was featured in the Searchlight Pictures movie, Fire Island

“I am so grateful to all of the people who believed and stood by me since day one,” Wils says today. “They were a shield from the music critics and skeptical label executives who were constantly schooling me on what pop stars could and couldn’t say or do.”  

Wils adds that the kindness he received from the strangers who became fans enabled him to realize how believing in self is a magical force that creates possibilities.  “Who knows where tomorrow may lead,” he continues.  “I’ve no clue; but I am also no longer fearful of the unknown.  My wish to all who listen to ‘Dancing Lights’ is that they be not afraid either, and that they share the message with others.  We are all good enough – exactly how we are.  Be kinder to self and know that you are loved.” 

Wils’ “Dancing Lights” is being released independently and is available now on Apple Music, Amazon and all other major retailers, as well as for streaming through Spotify.

Ben Nelson

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