Tom Goss Slays Christmas

Photo by Dusti Cunningham

Tom Goss rings in the holidays with his first Christmas album, out now!   With songs like “Santa Slay,” “Put that Ass in Christmass,” “Sassy Santa,” and “Ho Ho Homo,” it is fair to assume that Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas is no traditional holiday album.  “I want people to laugh and smile, then strip down to their undies and dance,” he says.  “That’s the Christmas I’m most looking forward to this year!”

Joining Tom on the EP are some of the biggest names in gay hip hop, rock-and-roll and country music, including Benjamin Koll, Big Daddy Karsten, Keith Lawrence, de ROCHE.   “They are all a part of my queer family,” Tom explains.  “We may sing in different music genres but we are the same in that we live our lives joyfully, exuberantly, and as authentically as possible!”

Photo by Dusti Cunningham

“I have spent a lot of my life censoring myself,” Tom continues. “Censoring what I say, what I write, how I dress, what my music sounds like, and so much more. It’s been a constant state of second-guessing, carefully carving out a life that is unoffensive, in hopes that everyone will love me. But that’s not real.  With my first holiday EP, I wanted to make something that was big, fun, unapologetic, body positive, and queer as f**k.”

 “Santa Slay” is a dance/ballroom track that Tom wrote with Jaake Castro about a Santa who is big, confident, queer and in touch with his feminine side.  “Put that Ass in Christmass” celebrates Christmas with a booty shake. “Sassy Santa” is a slamming retro dance/funk track and “Ho Ho Homo” is beautiful song that features Tom’s frequent collaborator, de ROCHE, whose voice sounds like a group of carolers on a doorstep.

The album’s cover art is by Joseph Fortuno. “It’s the perfect wrapping for this big, fat, gay ass gift of an EP,” Tom raves.

Tom Goss was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a small city on Lake Michigan, between Chicago and Milwaukee.  Much of his youth was spent focused on his studies and on wrestling.  He didn’t feel much in the way of sexual and emotional desires growing up.  In fact, he didn’t go on his first date until he was 22, while in seminary, training to be a Catholic priest.

That was when Tom realized he did have an appetite for sex, only it wasn’t towards women or even the men that society deemed as handsome.  His attraction was toward plus-sized men, known as “bears” in the gay community.  Many of his biggest pop hits today are odes to the large, furry men he loves.

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