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Adonis, one of the city’s most prominent, exciting and desired events, has just celebrated its seventh birthday in the New York City nightlife scene. Having become so popular, Adonis has expanded, and can now also be found in Palm Springs and LA.

Supplying for your entertainment some of the hottest men in the world, Tim, the founder, along with his brother, are now on the scene seven days a week in various venues around town. For special events, Adonis features the most popular porn stars around the country and internationally, as well as private parties throughout New York City. 

 I spoke with Tim and laughed my way through one of the funniest and sexiest interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure to have.

Congrats, Tim, on seven years in the business. That’s a long time for a party, and I understand you are seven nights a week now.
Yeah, it’s pretty crazy! I’ve got one venue that’s seven days a week. I’ve got a couple other venues that do some side shows, and we’re in Los Angeles and Palm Springs as well.

How did you start all this?
I danced for 10 years. I danced starting for girls, and then I started dancing in the gay scene, then I was a prostitute.

Wait, were you a straight or gay prostitute?
I’m straight. I was a straight prostitute. I’m straight, but I’m dancing in the gay scene. I love the gay scene. It’s great. Straight people are stupid. I kind of hate straight people.

Me too.
I do. We should start a campaign.
And run for president on the gay ticket.
You and I. That’s it! We are gonna build a wall against all the straight people.

Exactly. So you were dancing…
So I was dancing, turning some tricks for people that were foolish enough to hire me. I was working at a strip club. At the time there was only one club in New York City where men could get lap dances from men, and it was only on Sundays. It was just one night a week. I worked there as a dancer for about five or six years. It was a super busy club, because they were the only game in town. They didn’t do a very good job, and I kind of realized that. They were the only game in town, so everybody went there; all the dancers worked there. So, I had this wild idea to start my own event, and so I did. I had my loyal following of 15 customers, and I got a little place in Brooklyn. I started doing a monthly party, and I’d have 15 customers and four dancers, where the other club had 50 dancers and 250 customers. So in a sense I was the laughing stock of New York for two years. Looking back on it, it is crazy. It was kind of like putting a mom and pop’s burger joint next to a McDonald’s. People are just gonna laugh at you. I got very little support, but eventually I started doing two shows a month, then I went to weekly events. It was still very small. It was nothing of consequence. Then after a year I was able to move my event into Manhattan. As as they say, the rest was history.

Good story. So is it just you running the show?
My brother is my partner. Not sexually… You could put he’s my sexual partner; it will totally throw people off. Tell everyone I revealed that he’s actually my sex partner.

Tim, you know I write exactly what people say in my interviews?
I’m all for it.

So if I show up at one of your parties, what can I expect?
You can’t expect some lower-level conversation.

Wait, I’m a size queen.
Oh, oh, you will have plenty of size to keep you occupied. You will get lots of lousy conversation, but you’ll have lots of fun guys attached to that lousy conversation.

I understand that you are the hottest party around.
It’s pretty intense. It’s a good time. On a weekend I’ll have 30 to 40 guys working sometimes.

Are the guys straight or gay or whatever?
Most of them would identify as straight, but that’s really a matter of opinion. It’s a grey area. Money sometimes changes the game.

Which is your favorite party?
I do private parties, two private parties a month, where the boys are completely naked. Those of my favorite parties.

OMG, that would be mine too!
It’s more discrete. It’s more upscale. To me it’s a better time. It’s a better mix of guys. For those parties I regularly fly in porn stars, models and people that don’t want to work for public parties.

What else do I need to know about you? Who named it Adonis?
I did. I’m the creator, marketer, brander. I pretty much created the day-to-day function of all of it. My brother works with me now. This is my eighth year in New York City. In LA it’s our third year, so it’s still a newer thing. I always tell people I am not a promoter. I don’t want to promote. It’s a business. I run a business.

Did you do anything special for the seventh anniversary?
Last weekend was actually the seven-year anniversary of Adonis Lounge, I work together with Spunk at Fairytail Lounge. I flew in Johnny V, Austin Wolf and bunch of private models. I had guys fly in from Florida, the West Coast. We had 10 guest stars in addition to our 30 regular dancers. It was insane!

Tuesdays @
The Stonewall Inn

53 Christopher St. NYC
Doors open 10pm
Showtime 11pm-3am

Wednesdays @
Atlas Social Club

753 9th Ave. NYC
Doors open 10pm
Showtime 11pm-3am

7 Days A Week @
Fairytail Lounge
with Spunk

500 W 48th St. NYC
Showtime 11pm-4am



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