Theo Von

Netflix Special- No Offense…..February 26th

The charmingly offensive Louisiana born comedian, is about to debut his “Netflix” comedy special this Friday, February 26th. Theo is no stranger to television, as he has appeared in season 4 of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, “Comedy Central”, “Deal With It”, a show produced by Howie Mandel, “The Arsenio Hall Show”, “Hello Ross”, Chelsea Lately”, and “Watch What Happens Live”.
In between the laughter, I was able to question Theo about his Netflix special ” No Offense”, his comedy secrets, and his Podcast with the openly gay, Matthew Cole Weiss. He answered my inquiries complete with humor, integrity and a salacious “New Orleans” accent.

Tell us about the Netflix special
I got to go back to “New Orleans” and shoot the special. The Louisiana comedy scene has been spotty at best, for the past decade. So I decided to get down there and show off that comedy scene. Louisiana has a sense of alcohol, a sense of partying, but it also has a sense of humor. All my friends and family got to come. The Netflix show is charmingly offensive. It makes fun of everybody, including myself.

Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
Howie Mandel is my favorite. He is so friendly, and is  a family man.

What inspired you to become a comedian?
You get to travel. You get to escape reality, I mean you graduate high school, you graduate college, then you start a family. I think that my life wasn’t super growing up, so I’m always trying to put that off. Comedy is a way I can sort of keep that further away. As it progressed, It became more of a job. I like making people laugh. That’s the only time I feel comfortable, when people are laughing.

What was the most embarrassing or funny thing that has ever happened to you while performing?
I got booed off the stage one time. This was at a university in Florida. The students didn’t know that I had to come back six more times, because I was hosting the event. They just thought that I was a comedian opening the show. I had no jokes left and they weren’t entertained, but because I had to keep coming back out, that became a running gag.Were you born funny?
I was born breech if that’s what you mean.

Not exactly, were you the class clown?
I think I was just loud. I think I was just a blabbermouth.

Do you write your own material?
I write my own stuff. It’s just in my history of life.

Are you impulsive or rehearsed?
It’s rehearsed, but now it’s becoming more impulsive. Now you’re just used to being in front of a crowd. You know if they are going to laugh at a joke before you even tell it.

Are you currently working on anything else?
I am writing a book based on a website that I started a while back. I’ll be touring so I’m working on a new hour.

You also do a Podcast, correct?
We do a Podcast called ” Allegedly” every week. We talk about pop-culture and its like a competitive Podcast. My co- host is gay, Jewish, from Philadelphia, and I’m a straight Christian from the south. I love that little creature. He’s super cool, he has an amazing wealth of stories from interviewing celebrities.

What’s his name?
His name is Matthew Cole Weiss

.If you were a porn star, what would your name be?
“The Impractical Poker”

Theo Von will be coming to New York shortly, so watch for him, he’s worth the time.

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