The 30th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns

A Night of Splendor to Benefit the ICNY Scholarship Fund for LGBT Youth

The red carpet glistened with opulence as members of The Imperial Court of New York sashayed down the tapestry, one by one, adorned in their royal garb. In the lead were President of the Board and Emperor X, Gabriel Della Notte; reigning Emperor XXIV, Opi N. Yated; and reigning Empress XXIX, Madison Mansfield. 

The stars were also out, including dance icon Ultra Naté, costumed in an outrageously fierce and tantalizing spiked black ensemble as well as dance diva Robin S in a black lace gown. Also present were Jiggly Caliente of “RuPaul’s”; comedian Ike Avelli, dressed in a costume of hearts; Sir Ari Gold; the beautiful Kelly King; illustrious columnist Michael Musto; DJ Sir Johnny Dynell; cabaret performer Doris Dear; Dame Ariel Sinclair; Logan Hardcore; and hot Broadway star Brian C Rooney, to name a few. 

The extravaganza was followed by a gourmet banquet fit for a queen. I was honored to meet for the first time the Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, an amazing personality and fellow journalist.

The vast array of guests were treated to the National Anthem performed by Kelly King (watch out Gaga!) followed by a show that the Queen of England would have been impressed by. It all ended with the grand finale and coronation ceremony of the new Emperor XXV Tree and Empress XXX Sugar B. Real, the very first “real” woman and first lady of color to be chosen.

Amidst the glamour, the sparkle, the lavishness and the grand silent auction of the most prestigious night of the year, I managed to steal some quotes from some of the royal celebrities.

Jiggly Caliente
You look fabulous!
This is my first time here. At least I can say I’m a virgin for something. All this fashion, all these clothes. I’m just super excited to see everything!

Ariel Sinclair
Have you been here before?
I’ve been here before, when they made me a dame.

You’re a dame?
I’m called a “Friend of The Royal Court.”

So what do you have in store tonight, you and Logan Hardcore?
We’re going to do this red-hot dance number, me and Logan.

Ike Avelli
What have you been up to?
OMG, I’m taking my show, “50 Shades of Gay,” to Boca Raton. Also too, I’m doing my birthday show of 50 years.

How old are you?
Fifty. I thought I would be dead by now. We’re having it on May 6 at the Duplex, with all the drag queens. It’s a Friday night.

I’m there!

Kelly King
You’re going to sing the National Anthem?
Yes. It’s my seventh year. It’s an honor every year. I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of it. It’s my favorite event of the year; it’s the thing that I look forward to the most. I’m thrilled to be doing it again. And it’s the 30th year!

Sir Ari Gold
What will you be doing tonight?
I’m performing tonight. It’s been at least four years since I’ve performed at Night of a Thousand Gowns. This is my fourth time performing here.

I’m excited to hear you.
I’ll be doing my new single, “Turn Out the Night,” from my new album, “Soundtrack to Freedom.” I’m super excited about it. This is where I got the “Sir” from.

They knighted me four years ago.

Karl Giant
I love the costume you have created for Ultra Naté.
I’m a celebrity photographer darling, not a designer. It took me two months to create her outfit.

Well it is over the top!
And it was over the top, as was the entire evening. On behalf of Get Out! magazine, I wish to thank The Imperial Court of New York, especially Gary Cosgrove, for the magnificent evening and the wonderful work they have done and continue to do for the community.


Eileen Shapiro

Best selling author of "The Star Trek Medical Reference Manual", and feature celebrity correspondent for Get Out Magazine, Louder Than War, and Huffington Post contributor, I've interviewed artists from Adam Ant, Cyndi Lauper, and Annie Lennox to Jennifer Hudson, Rick Springfield, LeAnn Rimes, and thousands in between. My interviews challenge the threat of imagination....

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