The 18th Annual Glam Awards

Explosive bursts of dazzling glamour and glitter light up one of New York’s most effervescent and sparkling evenings as the 18th Annual Glam Awards are unleashed this year on December 11 at 9 p.m. at Stage 48 (605 West 48th Street). This year’s hosts of the extravaganza will be two of the most diamond-faceted names in drag: the popular “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner, comedian and movie star Bianca Del Rio and the hilarious winner of this season’s “Drag Race,” Bob the Drag Queen. 

Once again, sexy Get Out! cohort Ian-Michael Bergeron and I will be traipsing through the colorful drag palace Lips and talking to last year’s winners and this year’s hopefuls, as well as the mastermind of New York City’s most shimmering and radiant tribute to the very best of the nightlife scene, Cherry Jubilee.

Cherry  Jubilee

The mastermind of The Glam Awards, as well as organizer, director, producer and everything else: definitely a Queen on the Scene!

So this is the 18th annual.
OMG, it seems like just yesterday I was sitting here talking to you about the 17th annual. How time flies. Every year it gets better and better, and I get more excited, because this year it’s going to be a great show. This year we are going to have Bob the Drag Queen, who is this year’s winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and a former winner, Miss Bianca Del Rio. They are hosting together, and there should be fireworks. Those two have the most fierce wits, and they are the funniest bitches I’ve ever met in my life. So this is a dream come true for me to have them hosting the show.

Do you expect a bigger crowd than last year?
Absolutely. Every year it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. They always say, “How are you going to top yourself next year?” It’s something people look forward to every year, and it just keeps getting bigger and better. Especially with our two hostesses and all the great performances we have. We have a lineup of 10 or 11.

Give me an example of who’s performing.
We have Ari Gold; he’s a vocalist and performer and nominated this year for the best male entertainer, and Mila Jam, who always turns out amazing numbers every year. She does big production numbers with lots of dancers. We have a lot of new people this year that I don’t even know of. Somebody named Boy Radio, who is a first-time nominee this year. He actually performed with Mila Jam last year. Besides the performances and the great hosts, we’ll have the fabulous audience that are going to show up always in their best. It’s just a lot of fun.

On Facebook people were commenting on the fact that the same people seem to win each year. What’s your take on that?
I noticed from time to time and just recently that somebody put a question on Facebook that they were not happy with what they perceived as the fact that not a lot of winners are new winners. That they are always the same old people that win year after year. That’s not necessarily true, because last year, out of the 24 winners, there were 13 that were first-time winners. So that’s pretty impressive. All of our nominees are packed with people that have never been nominated before. I just think that negativity like that on Facebook is not something we’re about. We’re about the community and supporting each other, each other’s talents, and that’s what we’re here for. It’s not who’s gonna win and who’s gonna lose. The majority of people really do appreciate what I do and what the community does. It’s a great night to support us all and support our talents, and honor them.

If you could comment about gay nightlife what would you say?
I think that every year everybody looks forward to coming together, and to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. It is like a dysfunctional family gathering where we all come together to enjoy the evening and to check your egos at the door and just have a good time, to cheer on the winners. There really isn’t a lot of sore losers or bad feelings. Everybody’s really got a great energy and is very positive. I think that everybody looks forward to it as one of their favorite nights of the year.

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Bob the Drag Queen

Bob the Drag Queen is this year’s grand and well-deserved winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and one of the funniest queens to come along. She uses her talents to raise money for the LGBT community, and is also one of the nicest and most humble queens ever!

This has been a busy year for you.
It’s been crazy, but it’s been great.
You’re hosting this year.

I am! Someone made a mistake. But there’s no going back now, girl; I’m already booked. I’m excited. You know, the Glam Awards is really truly a night of people who work their asses off from 9 to 5, but in the opposite direction.

What’s the most exciting part of the awards for you?

I love the fact that tonight we get to have everyone in one room, which is very rare. We never get to have that.

I noticed that you were nominated for something.
I was nominated for Entertainer of the Year and Comedy Performer of the Year.

Are you going to win?
I won last year, but I haven’t been here a whole lot this year. If I do win, I’m honored.

How has winning “RuPaul’s Drag Race” changed your life?
I’m traveling around the world, and when I go places people recognize me. That’s not a thing that I’m used to. That’s brand new to me. It’s my favorite thing, traveling around the world and getting to tell jokes. That’s what I love. I couldn’t ask for more. Literally I’m the luckiest man on Earth.

Bianca Del Rio

Has this been a another busy year for you?
It has definitely been a busy year. I’m touring the world with a new stand-up comedy show, the feature film “Hurricane Bianca” has premiered and I have a new television show airing on Logo in December! Busy is good. Busy is what I strive for. It’s much better than sitting at home with nothing to do.

What’s the most exciting part of the awards for you?
To see everyone in NYC nightlife who I rarely get to see anymore, and to drink while they make their endless speeches.

How has winning “RuPaul’s Drag Race” changed your life?
Getting to stay busy! “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is an amazing platform that has absolutely catapulted my career. Over the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve traveled to 18 different countries and have had the opportunity to meet and work with some truly amazing people. I was in great company in the top three my season with the immensely talented Adore Delano and Courtney Act. Either of them easily could have won. I’m a lucky bitch and beyond grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given.

Scotty Rox

One of nightlife’s most fun and friendly DJs to grace the DJ booths of New Yourk City and Fire Island

What are you doing here this year?
I’m here because last year I won best DJ for the 4th year in a row, for the Glam Awards.

Are you nominated this year?
I am. So we’ll see if I win. There’s a lot of new competition, so I’m just grateful to be amongst them.

Where are you DJing now?
I am doing Tuesdays at Rise, Wednesdays at Industry, Thursdays at Ritz, Fridays (every other Friday) at Boxers Chelsea and Saturdays at Hardware.

Brenda Dharling

a fabulous Fire Island and NYC Queen, who can be seen at Boots & Saddle and Industry, amongst others

So why are you here at the fabulous Lips today?
I’m here because I won the Glam Award for best dance artist last year…and the year before…and the year before, and hopefully this year.

What put you on top the last two years?
New York’s a really fun place for me. I don’t try to sing loud. I don’t try to tell jokes. Dance is my thing. So I feel like stick what you’re good at.

Are you going to win this year?
Yes! I will take them out!

Ruby Roo

Why are you here today?
I am here because last year I won best duo with Thorgy Thor.

Are you nominated this year?
I’m nominated for three awards this year. I’m nominated for Best Bar Night. I’m nominated for Best Music Video; it’s called “One Way.” And I’m nominated again for Best Duo with Elizabeth James this year.

Incredible. Do you think you’re gonna steal it?
I think I have a pretty good chance for the Best Video, because it was featured on “New Now Next,” and it has 60,000 views, which is crazy. Duo, I really hope so. Liz and I just started a show at Hardware in Hell’s Kitchen with Scotty. Also, we are in two different neighborhoods, which helps our chances.


What are you doing here this year?
I won Best Event of the Year. I throw Bushwick Festival every year in Brooklyn.

Are you nominated this year?
I am, for the same thing, Event of the Year. This my third year being nominated, so it might be three years in a row.

Do you have any weekly shows?
I do an event called Cakes at Metropolitan. It’s all about the ass. You come show your ass, and you win $50. I throw a Latin Party called Yes Mama once a month in Brooklyn. I throw a once-a-month mixed queer party. I do a lot.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

I bring everyone together to make love in this time of need.

Rify Royalty

a fabulous burlesque performer and party promoter

Why are you here today?
We are doing the annual class photo for Glam Awards of last year’s winners.

What did you win last year?
I won Best Burlesque Performer, and the party that I throw called Straight Acting won Best Bar Night.

Are you nominated again this year?
I am, for Best Go-Go Boy, Best Burlesque Performer and Best Bar Night again.

Are you going to win?
I hope so. It will be fun either way.

What do the Glam Awards mean to you?
It’s just a way for the NYC family to get together and celebrate each other’s triumphs.


And you’re back… What did you
win last year?

A free car.No, I won, for I think my fourth year in a row, Best Door. I lost Best Comedy Performer and lost Best Dressed. Could you imagine?

What are you nominated for this year?
Best Door. Why don’t I just shove my head in one of them and slam it?

Are you going to win?
I haven’t slept with anybody to secure the win, but I’m looking at the nominations. I’m into it.

Do you know what you’re going to wear yet?
Probably two bottle caps and dental floss. I go with Amanda Lepore. You know, it’s very sad though. I tried to burlesque. I came out fully naked, and they made me put my clothes back on.

Vinnie Vega

What did you win last year?
I actually won the Glam Award for Best Go-Go Boy, which was really exciting.

What are you nominated for this year?
I’m nominated for Best Go-Go Boy. That’s really exciting, because everyone in the category is fantastic and has something different to offer.

Have you done your MTV appearance yet?
Yes, MTV “True Life” aired last week with myself and Sam G, who’s a go-go boy in Vancouver. It was definitely a surreal experience seeing myself in that environment. It’s one of those things that you’re not prepared for everything that’s going to come out. There were some things that I said, “Oh damn, why did I say that on camera?” But for the most part I like how it came out. It was really cohesive and a good story, and I hope everyone will enjoy it. I’m getting a lot of very positive feedback for the most part.

Marti Cumings

Are you going to win this year?
I’m nominated in five categories, and I think I’m going to win maybe one. I would like to win for my cabaret show at 54 Below, because it meant a lot to me. But I’m also nominated for Entertainer of the Year, Comedy Queen, Scene Queen, Vocalist and Host. Wait, that’s six. I’m the Susan Lucci of the Glam Awards: every nomination, only one win. It’s alright.

What do the awards mean to you?
It means to me that my peers recognize my work. There are so many styles of drag out there. I think it’s nice to vote for each other and recognize each other’s work.

Where are you working?
I do two nights a week at Bottoms Up. I do Mondays at Therapy, which is where I do my Broadway show. Alan Cummins was a guest. It’s called Stage Fright. And I do Tuesdays at Pieces, and monthly at Stonewall. December 23 is my next 54 Below concert, at 7 p.m.

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