‘Lick My Boots’

Seductive and salacious pop recording artist T-Boy is one of the most creative characters today within the New York gay nightlife scene. Besides his sexy videos, explosive tempos and titanic stage presence, he also DJs at Boots and Saddle.

Get Out! caught T-Boy a day before he was to film his brand-new video. He will also be performing this year at the New York LGBT Expo on March 13. T-Boy is very humble, sweet, talented and extremely popular within the community.

So what’s going on since our last conversation?
We shoot my second music video tomorrow. It’s a fetish, kind of bondage S&M theme called “Lick My Boots.” That’s been my main focus. The first video did incredibly well, as far as YouTube. I never had anything get hits like that. I’m working with the same director again, Mikhail Torich (Torich.nyc), for the second video. There is going to be tons of cameos. It’s going to be fun and sexy.

I’m sure. So you also DJ, correct?
I’ve been a New York City DJ for 15 years. Currently I’m at Boots & Saddle with some pretty awesome queens!

Do you do the drag shows?
Yeah, I work a lot of the drag shows. Actually, there’s not that much DJing there; it’s mostly running the show. I get a couple of hours to play music when I get there on Saturday, but after that, from 4 o’clock to 10 o’clock, it’s all drag.
I know exactly what goes on behind the scenes to put on my own show, so some of the queens and I work really well together.

Are any of those queens set to be in your video?
This time around I just planned out a video that only starred me, and then if other people decide last minute that they want to join, they could. That’s how I treated it this time, and we got a much better result. We have a group of at least eight people coming tomorrow. Some are dancers, some are going to be playing roles. There is one trans girl, Monique Fontaine, who is drop-dead gorgeous. I’ve known her for years. She was actually a fan of the song. I used to perform the song before it was even a finished track. She loved it, so when it came time to do the video, she was the first person that I told about it. She was down with it from the start. She’s going to play kind of a madam of a private club. Kind of “50 Shades of Grey.” This video has a specific theme, so no queens, per se.

Sounds intriguing. So do you have a next project in the works yet?
The documentary that I was in called “Black Velvet” is done. The director of that is looking for distribution. There is no release date for that, but that’s the next big thing that I’m looking forward to. We did a Kickstarter for our trip to Germany, so some of the people that donated to the Kickstarter have seen it. I still haven’t seen it. I’m waiting for the theatrical release of it. Then on March 13 I’m doing the LGBT Expo at the Jacob Javits Center. I’m doing a David Bowie tribute that I’m going to be gearing up for. It will be fun.

One last question. I know how you dress on stage, in leather and heels, but how do you dress when you DJ?
I dress how I feel. I usually overdress. I don’t ask for comfort just because I’m standing all night. Sometimes I do wear heels. I always have a smokey eye and a glossy lip, and the rest is whatever I decide. Recently, to celebrate Kwanzaa, I wore a giant bejeweled headwrap on my heard. I won’t do a full outfit or full drag, but I play with it!

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